Kokatat Women's Hydrus 3L Swift Entry Dry Suit w/ DROP SEAT & Dry Socks, H3LSE-D

Kokatat Women's Hydrus 3L Swift Entry Dry Suit w/ DROP SEAT & Dry Socks, H3LSE-D

Kokatat Women's Hydrus 3L Swift Entry Dry Suit w/ DROP SEAT & Dry Socks, H3LSE-D

$ 629.00 USD was

Brief Description

The Kokatat women's Hydrus 3-Layer Swift Entry Dry Suit w/ Drop Seat Zipper and Hydrus 3-Layer Fabric Dry Socks (the Kokatat H3LSE-D) is a bargain priced waterproof/breathable women's dry suit. The Hydrus 3L Swift Entry Women's Dry Suit has features similar to the popular Kokatat GFED but at a low price thanks to Kokatat's waterproof/breathable Hydrus 3-layer fabric. From our private testing of waterproof/breathable dry suits, Kokatat's Hydrus 3-Layer dry suits are second only to Kokatat's own Gore-Tex® dry suits. Yet this Hydrus 3L suit is less expensive than other similar featured suits by lesser brands (none of which offer a Women's Drop Seat Zipper)!

The H3LSE-D women's dry suit comes standard with: latex neck gasket, wrist gaskets with adjustable neoprene over cuffs, waterproof - breathable Hydrus 3-Layer Fabric Dry Socks with neoprene ankle cuffs that keep gravel out of your booties, and a front entry zipper that runs diagonally across the chest of the suit making it easy to get in and out of (as opposed to dry suits with rear entry shoulder zippers that require teamwork to get in and out of without breaking the zipper).

Detailed Description

The H3LSE-D dry suit is good for sea kayaking, rafting, canoeing, and fishing. The main differences between this suit and a Kokatat Gore-Tex® GFED drysuit are in the rate of "breathability" (Gore-Tex® dry suits are still the most breathable, but the Hydrus 3-Layer dry suit is right up there with the best of the rest and the quality of Kokatat's US manufacturing puts it over the top) and the durability (again nothing else compares to a Kokatat Gore-Tex® dry suit for waterproof/breathable durability), and the zippers (Gore-Tex® drysuits have metal tooth watersports zippers that are stronger and waterproof to higher pressure). The Goretex® suits also have a neoprene collar over the neck gasket which this Hydrus 3L drysuit does not have. The collar adds a bit of warmth and keeps some of the sun's UV rays off the latex neck gasket which helps the neck gasket last longer. So if you sweat more than most people or you are a pro who is going to wear your dry suit twice a week most of the year, you'll save money in the long run by starting with a Gore-Tex® suit, but for the average paddler the Hydrus 3-Layer dry suits are darn good.

Note, a Drop Seat Zipper makes it easy to take care of all your relief needs. With the occasional exception of kayakers, most women prefer to use a Drop Seat Zipper rather than an Front Relief Zipper like a men's dry suit because for women a Front Relief Zipper requires using a FUD (Feminine Urinary Device -- funnel). However, Front Relief Zippers are an option even in Women's style Kokatat dry suits. For some women kayakers, a dry suit with a Drop Seat Zipper can be uncomfortable in certain kayaks. This issue is unique to kayakers because kayak seats have snug fitting sides ("hip braces") which, depending on the fit of the dry suit and the kayak seat, may press against the Drop Seat Zipper. With a properly fitted dry suit, most women find a Drop Seat Zipper is comfortable in most kayak seats. Ideally a dry suit will have enough slack around your hips that if a kayak seat presses the Drop Seat Zipper against your body, you can move the slack in the suit around to get the zipper up out of the way. If this doesn't work for you (and you are sure the suit isn't too small in the hips), we recommend a dry suit with a Women's FUD Front Relief Zipper instead of a Drop Seat Zipper. KA stocks Women's dry suits with FUD Front Relief Zippers and we include a free FUD with these dry suits -- see our Kayak Academy Label Women's Relief ("-WR") dry suits. If you don't know whether a dry suit with a Drop Seat Zipper will be comfortable in your kayak, we recommend renting a dry suit with a Drop Seat from us before buying a dry suit, see our Dry Suit Rental page. If you don't yet own a kayak, be sure to buy one that is "drop seat compatible". To see if a kayak is Drop Seat compatible, just sit in it while wearing a dry suit with a drop seat.


Made of waterproof/breathable Hydrus 3-Layer fabric with Cordura® reinforcement patches on the knees and seat, and plastic water sports zippers -- waterproof for surface watersports (i.e. swimming and paddling not SCUBA diving). Lifetime limited warranty.

Women's Colors: Tangerine/Gray

Women's Sizes: WS-WL, WXLs (WXLs is the height of a Women's Large but its 50" chest, 47" waist, and 54" hips are roomier than that of an Women's L)

If needed, we can help you order a custom sized Kokatat drysuit; contact us if you have questions about the fit.

Women's Kokatat Drysuit Sizing Table