Nature Tour by Kayak at L. Sammamish St. Park

$ 18.00 USD


Note! Please Look in TOP right of PAGE to register! Choose if you have your own kayak, if you need to rent Single, Double or Triple. Great Blue Herons nest near the mouth of Issaquah Creek. Early March is best time of year to see them on their nests because later in the spring leaves fill in and hide the heronry. Kayaks allow us to view the nesting herons from a variety of perspectives and see a number of other species of waterfowl and raptors. This kayak tour will be lead by Issaquah Paddle Sports and Kayak Academy kayak instructor staff and a state park ranger will present an on the water program about the Herons. Participants are encouraged to bring their own binoculars for wildlife viewing from the water, the park will also provide some spotting scopes for bird watching on land (a short walk is part of the tour).

Lake Sammamish State Park includes over a mile of shoreline, two creek mouths, and one of the largest heronries in the greater Seattle area with over 80 nesting pairs of Great Blue Herons. We'll also likely see Bald Eagles, Coots, Buffle Head ducks, Cormorants, and more to see near the lake shore and in the entrance of Issaquah Creek. 

Drysuits, neoprene booties, and PFD's (life jackets) will be provided for use free of charge to all participants courtesy of Kayak Academy. PFDs and drysuits are required to be worn for this tour (in April the lake's water temperature is still cold). Dress in long underwear tops and bottoms and socks to wear inside the drysuits (these suits keep your clothes and socks dry, but your warmth is dependent on the layers you wear under the drysuit).

This is our first event of the year and we will need your help moving boats from our sheds to the beach. Please come a little early and/or stay after to help. Thanks.


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WHEN: Sat. March 12th OR Sun. March 13th

TIME: 10am or 2pm

WHERE: Tibbett's Beach, Lake Sammamish State Park (click line for map), 2000 NW Sammamish Rd., Issaquah WA

WHO: Public, no experience required

REGISTRATION: Is $18 per person, kayak rental is extra -- Option in upper right corner selects whether you are bringing your own kayak or renting one of ours. When you make your selection, the cost will adjust to account for 1-3 people registering with a rental Sit-On-Top Kayak: Single ($30 total), Double ($51 total), or Triple ($69 total). For groups renting more than one kayak, please add each boat to the shopping cart separately.

PARKING: A Washington State Discover Pass ($30/yr.) or $10 Day Use Fee is required to drive into the State Park. Passes may be purchased from machine in front of Ranger Station near park entrance or on-line at:Buy Discover Pass On-line

Please print out our Liability Release Form and bring bring it to the tour. One form per person. Also please use the comments block at check-out to provide additional names and sizing info if you are bringing more than yourself.


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