Neck Saver

Neck Saver

Neck Saver

$ 66.00 USD


Wear a Neck Saver and you'll say, "Goodbye to dry suit neck rash". A Neck Saver is like a second layer of skin between your neck and the gasket and it's latex free. With a neck saver between your skin and your dry suit, your gasket "chaffs on the Neck Saver, not on your skin"!

To use the Neck Saver, simply suit up in your usual manner, slide or roll your neck gasket down a bit, pull the Neck Saver over your head and place it flat against your neck, and then stretch the gasket over the Neck Saver and you're ready to play.

Neck savers can also be used to help tighten leaky gaskets, and yet they spread the pressure from gaskets over greater surface area which makes gaskets feel more comfortable. We've also found Neck Savers helpful for people with latex allergies because when you're wearing a Neck Saver the latex gasket doesn't touch your skin. For people with latex allergies or loose fitting wrist gaskets, we also sell Wrist Savers.

Neck rashes are especially common when surf kayaking because you're always twisting around to look at the waves, and the surf stirs up sand in the water which gets between your skin and your gaskets. Every time the gasket slips against your neck the sand between your gasket and your neck grinds into your skin. Sea kayakers paddling in salt water experience a similar effect because salt water that splashes on your neck evaporates leaving salt crystals behind, and these salt crystals are as rough as sand against your skin. Often the first day isn't too bad, but if you paddle a couple days in a row the pain gets unbearable.

Before Neck Savers we tried preventing and treating neck rashes with everything from silicon grease to skin burn treatments, but nothing works as well as a Neck Saver. Neck Savers - "don't leave home without one".

Neck Savers are available in two sizes, but the Medium will work for almost everyone.


M, Fits all neck sizes.