NRS Maverick Glove

NRS Maverick Glove

$ 54.95 USD

We like the Maverick best of all the neoprene paddling gloves by NRS. Maverick Gloves have a great grip on paddles, the right amount of pre-curvature for paddling comfort, bare neoprene backside that sheds water to minimize evaporative cooling, and better durability than any other glove with the above qualities. However, there is no neoprene glove that works well for paddling that doesn't start wearing out the first day you use them. Expect to use some Aquaseal to armor the high wear spots after a few days of use (typically the crotch of the thumb where the paddle shaft rubs and finger tips). If you apply a thin smear of Aquaseal to the high wear spots before they wear through and do a little patching with Aquaseal when you do get holes, most people can get a season out of these gloves, and that is all that can be expected of even the best neoprene paddling gloves. Any glove that is more durable either doesn't grip as well (safety issue as well as disconcerting), isn't as warm, or isn't as comfortable when holding a paddle for hours.

Our standard advice with all neoprene paddling gloves -- apply a thin layer of Aquaseal Adhesive in the high wear areas and you'll double their life to a whole season or more.

Maverick Gloves are waterproof and flexible. They have what NRS calls a HydroCuf® that helps keep water out and your warmth in. We find water still gets in, but minimizing the flushing of warm water out and new water in does help make them a little warmer than most 2mm neo. gloves.

Important tip: To put the glove on, first roll the cuff up. Then slide your hand in with a twisting motion and roll the cuff back over your forearm. To take the glove off, slide the thumb of the opposite hand inside the cuff, along the palm of the hand and push the glove off.

Maverick gloves run true to size, and fit best for average to thick finger shapes.

Size: XS - XXL

NRS Glove Sizing
Size Width Length
XS 3" 6 1/2"
S 3 1/4" 7"
M 3 1/2" 7 1/2"
L 3 3/4" 7 3/4"
XL 4" 8"
XXL 4 1/2" 8 1/2"