NRS Men's Paddle Wetshoe

NRS Men's Paddle Wetshoe

NRS Men's Paddle Wetshoe

$ 69.95 USD

NRS Paddle Wetshoe bootie is the widest zippered neoprene wetsuit bootie ever! Sea and river kayakers will find the Paddle Wetshoe booties are perfect for all but cramped freestyle whitewater kayaks. The sole on the Paddle Wetshoe has enough tread to grip on rocks without being too bulky to wear in a sea kayak or creek boat.

The Paddle Wetshoe bootie is wide enough in the toe box to fit well over a dry suit with dry socks and liner socks inside (just buy one size bigger than your street shoe to accommodate socks). This in itself is unique, but there is a lot more to like about the Paddle Wetshoe bootie. The toe box on the Paddle Wetshoe bootie is shaped like a foot. This shape makes the Paddle Wetshoe bootie extremely comfortable. Paddle Wetshoe booties have a zipper dam/gusset to minimize water flowing in, and the zipper is the locking type so it stays where you zip it even if you don't or can't close it all the way.

Paddle Wetshoes are made of stretchy 3-mm Terraprene neoprene with heat reflecting titanium for warmth. Fleece-like VaporLoft lining adds a bit of warmth and comfort. A 3-mm thick high-traction sole, paired with a 5-mm neoprene insole, protects your feet from rocks and roots. The sole that extends flat past the heel and toe, wraps around and adds protection and durability. Extra padding over the outside ankle protects that pressure point inside your kayak. An instep strap improves lateral stability when traversing on the side of the river bank.

If wearing them barefoot, they run true to size. If wearing over drysocks and liner socks, you'll need to go a half to one full size larger than normal (if you wear an 11 or 11.5 buy a 12). With this adjustment we get very few returns.

Whole unisex (Men's) sizes only.
Women can wear these with the following size adjustments, but there is now a true women's version of these which we also have on this store. If a woman wanted to wear the men's Paddle Wetshoe, women order them in your standard street shoe size if wearing the Paddle Wetshoe over dry suit with dry socks and liner socks, or for women wearing them barefoot order one size smaller than your street shoes.

Sizes: 7-14 (note 14 fits like 13.5 if wearing over socks)

If you need a Size 15, see the Comm-3 Wetshoe