NRS Yak Yak Boat Cart

NRS Yak Yak Boat Cart

$ 99.95 USD was

Two sizes to choose from:

NRS Yak Yak Boat Cart w/9" dia. x 3" wide bearingfree no-flat wheels (wheels fit in 10" round bow hatches), only weighs 4.4lbs.,

Static Load Rated 150#, KA recommend rolling load limit 75lbs.

The XL Yak Yak is the big brother to the NRS Yak Yak. It uses the same wheels at the Yak Yak but has a stronger, wider frame for better stability with larger, heavier kayaks.

Static Load Rated 200 lbs., KA recommend rolling load limit 100 lbs.

The smaller size cart can handle a one-person kayak plus some gear; the bigger one can handle a two-person kayak or a one-person plus overnight camping gear

Both sizes use the same flat-free 9" wheels that roll well on pavement, dirt, grass, gravel. If you have to take the cart in your kayak, you can put the wheels in a bow or stern hatch and the frame will fit inside kayaks with an oval hatch or strap the frame on the rear deck. The cart's frame folds flat and like most kayak carts the wheels come off by pulling the ring on the keeper pins at the ends of the axles (no tools required); just be careful not to loose the axle pins after removing the wheels (it's best to reinsert the pins in the axles for storage). With center carts like this you can pull your kayak like a little wagon with no weight on your arms. Why risk injuring your back when you can let wheels do all the work?