NuCanoe Wave Angler Fiberglass Shaft Adjustable Fishing Kayak Paddle

NuCanoe Wave Angler Fiberglass Shaft Adjustable Fishing Kayak Paddle

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Brief Description

The NuCanoe Wave Angler Adjustable Paddle has blades made of a durable fiberglass reinforced nylon.   The fiberglass shaft comes with a 3 hole snap-button ferrule (adjustable for feathering angles 0° and 60°, L or R).  Paddle length is adjustable either 240-260cm or 260-280cm.  Appropriate paddle length may vary depending on the height adjustment on your fishing kayak seat.  At the high seat position a longer paddle is preferred, at a lower seat position a shorter paddle length is preferred.

Detailed Description

In general, short, wide blades like the NuCanoe Wave are more forgiving (less prone to diving) than long, narrow blades (i.e. as on low angle paddles). This makes paddles like the NuCanoe Wave easier to use when learning draws, sculling and other combination strokes such as for leaned turns, and such paddles are especially popular with advanced paddlers because the rougher the conditions you paddle in, the more you need to use strokes where short wide blades shine. When you are trying to spin your kayak around between wave crests in surf or high winds, you can really feel the difference that a forgiving blade makes. 

Enjoy the most amount of flexibility in your fishing kayak paddle with an adjustable length shaft paddle.

NuCanoe Wave Angler is made by Cannon Paddle and features the NuCanoe Logo.




Blade dimensions: 7.1" wide x 18" long,  

Adjustable length:  240-260cm, 260-280cm

Snap-Button Ferrule Feathering Angles:  0, 60 (L or R)

Color: Black with NuCanoe Logo

Fiberglass Shaft with 40" Fish Measuring Marks on shaft

 Weight : 39 oz (240-260cm)

Special Shipping Required

Due to their length, angler paddles cost us extra to ship. We have them in stock, but we don't sell them on-line. Just call to order, we charge a $15 oversize fee for this item (and we cover the rest of the shipping cost)