OR Seattle Sombrero Gore-tex Rain And Sun Head Wear

OR Seattle Sombrero Gore-tex Rain And Sun Head Wear

$ 60.00 USD


The Gore-Tex® Seattle Sombrero is the most popular sea kayaking hat in the world. The only problem was Outdoor Research (O.R.) quit making them in Yellow a decade ago, and yellow was the most requested color. Ever since then people who lost their yellow "SeaSom" (as they're affectionately known as by connoisseurs) have been begging for a replacement. Finally, after much proding OR has brought back the classic Yellow crowned over a nearly black brim (dark gray) Seattle Sombrero. Stock up now because you never know how long yellow will be available or whether they'll ever make it again. These are a collectors' item so take good care of your SeaSom.


The legendary soggy climate of the Pacific Northwest prompted OR to develop this hat for use in a wide assortment of outdoor activities. If you've ever found rain coat hoods to be uncomfortable, too hot in balmy weather, tough to hear through, or an impairment to vision, you'll find the Seattle Sombrero is a much more comfortable alternative headwear.

The Seattle Sombrero is great for active wet-weather pursuits such as sea kayaking, backpacking in the rain forest, or swinging a Polaski on a rainy trail-work project. OR Seattle Sombreros are popular for birding and sailing too. Because it's made of waterproof/breathable Gore-Tex® this hat works well for both sun and rain. The Seattle Sombrero comes with a removable chin strap so you can take the chin strap off for wearing the Sombrero around town, but when it's windy the chin strap keeps the Sombrero from flying overboard. The neck cords are long enough that the hat can be dropped down onto your upper back when not needed.

The OR Seattle Sombrero features: a longer brim in back than in front to keep water from running down your neck, yet not so long that it gets in the way of a backpack or PFD; foam-stiffened brim that makes it float; brushed tricot liner for comfort and moisture management; and "hook & loop" tabs on the sides of the brim and dome that allow the hat to be worn cowboy style or Ausie style - either of which help stiffen brim in the wind, or wear it down sombrero style for better sun and rain protection when it's calm. When the sun comes out, the wide brim protects your neck. The totally seam-sealed Gore-Tex fabric crown prevents entry of any external moisture while also minimizing the accumulation of perspiration.

Of all of the great features of the Seattle Sombrero, it's most unique feature is it's the combination of an internal cinch band and the wide range of sizes. All other hats either have an adjustment to that "one size fits all" (which is never true), or they come in sizes but you can't adjust them. Having both sizes and adjustments means you can find one hat that is big enough to wear over a wool or fleece cap when it's cold and rainy and yet adjusts so you can wear it alone when it's wet and muggy or when you need sun protection.

In spite of all its praises, the Seattle Sombrero does have a couple flaws. If you wear it while rolling, water gets trapped between layers in the brim, and its brim isn't stiff enough for strong winds. But then the only hat we've found that does work well for rolling and strong winds is a balaclava hood. So the Seattle Sombrero may not be perfect the kayaking hat, but it's the best there is.


Size: S-XL (run about a size large so the XL fits XXL - XXXL heads)

Color: Yellow/Dark Gray, Black/Black, Abyss (blue)/Black, Redwood/Dark Gray, Khaki/Java