RAM Tube Jr Rod Holder

RAM Tube Jr Rod Holder

$ 25.99 USD

Flat - RAM Tube Jr.™ Fishing Rod Holder with 6" Length Spline Post, Combination Bulkhead/Flat Surface Base & Plunger (RAP-390-BMPU)

The RAM Tube Jr. is a right or left-handed, spinning reel and level wind. It can do it all! Ideally suited for a wide range of uses and boats,  this holder is a great versatile rod holder for everyday use. 

The combination bulkhead/flat surface mounting base can be installed on a flat surface such as the deck or on a vertical surface. This mounting base features a locking feature which requires the release of a plunger to remove the rod holder.


Round - RAM Tube Jr.™ Fishing Rod Holder with RAM ROD® Revolution Ratchet/Socket System and Round Base (RAP-390-RBU)

Ideally suited for a wide range of applications and fishing vessels, this rod holder is quickly becoming known as the most versatile rod holder on the market. This configuration includes the RAM ROD® Revolution ratchet arm with single open socket and 2.5" diameter round base with 1.5” ball. Combining the patented RAM rubber ball and socket system with a ratcheting feature; this rod holder has almost infinite adjustability and configuration options. Easily collapse the rod holder down on the deck for clearing your casting path or articulate over the water, and out of the boat or kayak. Rod holder doubles as a stakeout pole holder.


Made in the USA