Rental Sea or River Kayak During KA Lesson

Rental Sea or River Kayak During KA Lesson

$ 30.00 USD

Note: This item is only for students renting while taking a lesson with Kayak Academy. If you need to rent a kayak for a WKC or Mountaineer lesson/trip, please use our search feature to find the correct rental.

Please enter number of days you need this rental in the quantity box. If ordering for more than one person, use the "Add To Cart" button after each person's rental and repeat for as many people as are renting in your group. Rental package will be delivered to your lesson site.

Sea Kayak Rental Package for lessons with K.A. includes:

Kayak, Spray Skirt, Paddle, PFD, Bilge Pump, Self Rescue Paddle Float, Paddle Tether, Sponge

River Kayak Rental Package for lesson with K.A. includes:

River Kayak, Spray Skirt, Helmet, River Paddle, Rear Float bags, Sponge