Rental Kayak For Wed. Night Skills or KA Pool Session

Rental Kayak For Wed. Night Skills or KA Pool Session

$ 15.00 USD

If ordering for more than one person, use the "Add To Cart" button after each person's rental and repeat for as many people are renting in your group. Rental package will be delivered to the pool/lake site. Please help carrying rentals. from parking area. Select river or touring kayak option. At checkout, please use comments box to tell us your height, weight, shoe size, and preferred model of kayak (if you are a sea kayaker, please be considerate of other pool users and consider using a river kayak if you are not practicing rescues and otherwise a roto-molded 14'-15' touring kayak such as Dagger Stratos S or L or NorthShore Aspect std. or LV is preferred in the pool unless you have special needs such as advanced Greenland rolling.)

Kayak Rental is not available if you register the day of the session.

Kayak Rental Package for K.A. pool session includes:

Kayak, Spray Skirt, Paddle, PFD, Sponge

For touring kayaks package also includes:

Bilge Pump, Self Rescue Paddle Float