Sea Kayaking 110, Saltwater Day-Trip

Saltwater Day-Trip

The Puget Sound is a great place to learn trip planning. Tides are not the biggest concern but currents are! This class is both an introduction and a refresher for those that want to learn about kayak navigation, tides, currents, and paddling in Puget Sound. 

You'll start with an intro to charts, kayak navigation, and currents/tides, before heading out on the water and applying these skills on a one-day kayak trip on the Puget Sound. You'll see moving water and begin to learn how to read it and use the currents to your advantage. The location is Bowman Bay near Anacortes.

Students may rent kayaks but it is limited to two.

Please read the prerequisite for the class. If you have already taken SK113 or SK115, this class is your chance to get a refresher on trip planning and kayaking in Puget Sound.

If you have taken our SK101 and SK102 classes and are ready to take the next step, this class is a great progression in your learning journey by moving from lakes to saltwater. 

Prerequisites: SK102, SK111, or SK115


In this class you will learn to:

  • Read a chart
  • Predict currents and tides
  • Interpret marine weather forecasts
  • follow a compass course
  • Use ranges to find ferry angles

Handouts include Puget Sound Tide and Current Tables and a waterproof logbook. We will loan you a chart and compass. 



Prerequisite: Course SK102, SK111, SK115 or check with us about Equivalency.

Instructor: Staff
Location: Bowman Bay
Duration: 6hr intro and trip
Class Size: 4
Tuition: $250.00 (includes handouts and free use of drysuit, booties, and skull cap)
Dry Suit Rental: No Charge - Included with tuition
Kayak Rental: $35.00 plus tax. Includes Brit/Danish style roto-molded sea kayak w/skeg, paddle, spray-skirt, PFD, bilge pump, and paddle-float. Limit two students renting. 1st come 1st serve
Parking Fee: Depends on location $7-10 (please bring cash)

Please read our Cancellation/Reschedule Policy

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