Sea Kayaking 115, Five-Day Kayak Training Camp


Five-Day Kayak Training Camp

Our Five-Day Training Camp is the fastest way for a sea kayaker to advance from beginner/intermediate to a highly skilled paddler with trip leadership and navigation experience. Intermediate/advanced students get amazing skill refinement and discover techniques and concepts not taught anywhere else. After this course, you will be more skilled than most people with years of paddling experience. It's excellent training for guides too. Our class size is small so each student can get all he or she is ready for.

The 5-Day Kayak Training Camp is a combination of our Paddling Strokes & Rescue Techniques course and our Open Water Training Camp plus a fifth day in the middle of the week for paddle stroke review, video playback and coaching of each student, and extra time to work on perfecting your roll or starting your off-side roll. Rather than repeating the information here, please follow the links below to read what is covered in the SK113 parts of this course.

kayak compass navigation practice


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Instructor: George Gronseth
Location for first three days: Tibbett's Beach, Lake Sammamish State Park
Location for last two days: Launch near Anacortes, Washington on the 4th day. Camp on an island and return on the last day. (destination depends on conditions and time of year)
Duration: 5 days
Class Size: 5 for the first 3 days. For the last 2 if more than 5 students, we will add a second instructor, and then 7 students are maximum
Tuition: $1250.00 (includes handouts and free use of drysuit, booties, and skull cap)
Dry Suit Rental: No Charge - Included with tuition
Kayak Rental:
$225.00 ($45/day x 5 days) plus tax, delivered to the lesson. Includes: Brit style sea kayak w/skeg, paddle, spray-skirt, PFD, bilge pump, and paddle-float
Tent Rental: $20 trip
Sleeping Bag Rental: $20 trip (includes a liner sheet which is washed each time and an air mattress)

Parking Fee Day 1-3: A Washington State Discover Pass ($30/yr.) or $10 Day Use Fee is required to drive into the State Park. Passes may be purchased from the machine at the park entrance or online at:Buy Discover Pass On-line
Parking Fee Day 4&5: Depends on location $7-10 (please bring cash)
Camping Fee: Included with tuition

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