Seal Line Seal Pak

Seal Line Seal Pak

$ 74.94 USD


The Seal Line Seal Pak combines the functions of a dry bag and fanny pack. You wouldn't leave your wallet in an unlocked car; why leave it in your kayak? Store your wallet, car keys, cell phone, etc. in this bag and wear it around your waist whenever you leave your kayak, canoe or raft.

Making a habit of always storing you valuables in the same place eliminates that awful question, "where did I put my...." And having your wallet in a waist pack makes it convenient to take it with you so you won't have to worry about loosing it because you had to set it down somewhere.

There have been other attempts in the past at making a dry fanny pack bag, but none have ever been as rugged and well made as this. However, fold down "dry bags" are never completely dry, so for critical items such as electronic devices (including newer car keys with chip inside) we recommend sealing them with AlokSak dry bags inside your Seal Line Seal Pak. That way they are double protected.


When sealed it is biggest at the bottom and tapers so it's smaller at the top. If you had something puffy in it, the bag will flex to accommodate slightly larger things than the following dimensions which are with just air trapped inside. Conservatively it measures:
Base is 7" x 2.75"
Top is 6" x 1.5"
Height is 6"

There is room to store a smart phone, wallet, car keys with remote, and have room left over for a ski hat etc.

Colors: Red, Light Blue, Green, Orange, Gray