Seals brand Cockpit Seal

Seals brand Cockpit Seal

Seals brand Cockpit Seal

$ 40.00 USD

For cockpit cover sizing: Click the link below. You will be taken to Seals' website where they have a sizing list for almost all manufacturers and boats


Cockpit covers keep your kayak from filling up with rain, both when on your car or if stored outside. They also keep spiders and other creepy things out, which is nice when camping where there's scorpions, etc. Over the years we've tested cockpit covers made of coated nylon, neoprene, and vinyl. The Seals Cockpit Cover comes with a clip to attach the cockpit cover to the deck rigging on your kayak just in case it comes off on the highway.

This cockpit cover comes in five sizes to fit most kayaks, and each size is adjustable via the knot in the bungee cord. If you are between sizes, going up to the larger one will make it easier to put the cover on; the smaller will give a more wrinkle free fit but require some effort to stretch over the coaming. The Seals Cockpit Cover also comes with an adjustable cross strap that can synch down and contain any extra fabric from the larger size.

As with many products in our store, there are many variables that go into finding the best fit such as the shape of the cockpit coaming in addition to it's overall length and width. All we can say is our sizing is based on using the product on hundreds of different models of kayaks by dozens of brands. If you buy a cockpit cover from us based on our sizing we guaranty the fit. If it doesn't fit, we will exchange it.


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