Squeeze Nose Clips with spring like old "Tweaker" nose clip

Squeeze Nose Clips with spring like old

Squeeze Nose Clips with spring like old "Tweaker" nose clip

$ 24.00 USD

They're big, they're ugly, but the Squeeze nose clip has been around longer than any other kayaking nose clip and some people still love these spring style nose clips. They look and perform like the old "Tweaker" nose clip which is no longer available. For broad, flat noses the Squeeze Nose Clip works better than any other. For most people we recommend the more discrete Smilely's Nose Clips (no spring), but the Squeeze will work on just about any nose. If you've tried other nose clips and couldn't keep them on, then the Squeeze is for you.

Tip: Sunscreen is slimy, and there aren't any nose clips that will stay on well if you've just put on a fresh application or excessive amount of sun screen on your nose before rolling.

Note, you may find the Squeeze Nose Clips listed elsewhere at a lower price in their unassembled kit configuration, but don't waist your time and money on that. We sell them in their assembled configuration so you can avoid swearing at them all day or breaking the ends off the rubber pads while trying to force them through the tiny eyes on the ends of the spring.


  • Stainless Steel Spring
  • Silicon Pads
  • String for attaching to your helmet