Stohlquist Maw Neoprene Gloves

Stohlquist Maw Neoprene Gloves

$ 40.00 USD was

The MAW gloves are made of 3mm neoprene with 4-way stretch. Fingers are pre-curved just right for gripping a paddle without fatiguing your muscles from bending the neoprene all day. Bare neoprene on the palms provides excellent grip and paddle control (further reducing hand fatigue compared to slippery gloves that make you squeeze tight to get a grip). The Unique terry cloth "brow-wipe" (guess what else it's good for) is a welcome touch. These gloves fit slightly wider hands and/or shorter, thicker fingers than the Glacier Glove Perfect Curve gloves (which by the way are great gloves if you have long, thin fingers).

The one bad thing about these gloves is that they will show wear almost immediately (neoprene will tear a bit at the base of the thumb and fingers), but if you apply a thin layer of Aquaseal Adhesive in these high stress areas you'll double their life. This is our standard advice with all neoprene gloves that grip paddles well because all the good ones have bare neoprene on the palms. It's just a little more extreme with these gloves than most. If you are the type that can't stand the thought of this, we recommend the NRS Maverick gloves which hold up much better and still have good grip.

Sizes XS-XXL

Color: Black