Suspenz DLX Beach Cart w/Mid-V™ Platform

Suspenz DLX Beach Cart w/Mid-V™ Platform

Suspenz DLX Beach Cart w/Mid-V™ Platform

$ 229.95 USD

Suspenz DLX Beach Cart, with 12" dia. x 7" wide balloon tires is our favorite kayak cart for sandy beaches. It's frame is large enough to make a stable platform -- less likely to tip over or fold up while loading your kayak on it or rolling over roots, ruts, and rocks. It's 12" diameter balloon tires roll well on pavement, dirt, grass and gravel, and even loose sand. This cart can handle a one-person kayak plus some gear.

With center carts like this you can pull your kayak like a little wagon with no weight on your arms. Why risk injuring your back when you can let wheels do all the work?

The cart has a kickstand to ease getting started and comes complete with cam straps to tie your kayak to the cart. Best of all Suspenz cam straps have loops sewn into the ends to make it easy to attach them to the cart's frame in a way that secures the kayak better than any other brand of cart. Suspenz's unique strap system combined with the frame's 3" deep "Mid-V" keep the kayak from rocking and shifting (misaligned).

The downside of this cart is you can't fit the wheels inside your kayak hatches. Plan to either lock your wheels to a fence or tree with a bike lock cable or put them back in your car.

Platform is 14" x 18" w/ 3" deep "Mid-V" to keep kayak from rocking and shifting

The manufacturer rates this cart for 175lbs static load.

KA recommends a rolling load limit of 87 lbs.