Wenonah Prospector 16 T-formex

Wenonah Prospector 16 T-formex

Wenonah Prospector 16 T-formex

$ 2,099.00 USD


Prospectors are back! Now made with T-formex, a foam core sandwich material with properties similar to Royalex including weight, buoyancy, looks, and ruggedness. Available in two sizes, 15' and 16' (see separate descriptions for each)

The classic down-river Prospector design known as the "workhorse of the North." A stable, quick-turninhg hull with ample rocker for rivers and streams. The symmetrical shape allows a solo paddler loaded with gear to easily turn around in the bow seat and paddle backwards. Comes standard with curved web seats for added comfort.


Special Note: One red Prospector 16 demo canoe is in stock

 Length Depth Width Weight
Total: 16' Bow: 25'' Gunwale: 36'' Total: 71 lbs
Center: 15'' Waterline: 33''
Rocker Stern: 25'' Maximum 37''
Total: 2.5''


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