Werner Paddle Corryvrecken Premium Tour Glass Blade Straight Shaft sea kayak paddle

Werner Paddle Corryvrecken Premium Tour Glass Blade Straight Shaft sea kayak paddle

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Brief Description

The Werner Corryvrecken paddle is the largest of Werner's two solid laminate modern style (not "low angle") sea kayak paddle blades. It's a good blade size for large framed well conditioned kayakers who weigh about 180 lbs or more. (For a similar but smaller paddle, see the Werner Shuna). The Corryvrecken paddle is available in a choice of carbon or fiberglass blades, straight or bent shaft, and standard or small diameter shaft. This page is for the FIBERGLASS BLADE, STRAIGHT SHAFT, STANDARD DIAMETER SHAFT, Werner Corryvrecken paddle.

Detailed Description

In general, short, wide blades like the Corryvrecken's are more forgiving (less prone to diving) than long, narrow blades (i.e. as in "low angle" paddles). This makes paddles like the Corryvrecken easier to use when learning rolling, sculling and other combination strokes such as for leaned turns, and the Werner Corryvrecken paddle is especially popular with advanced paddlers because the rougher the conditions you paddle in, the more you need to use strokes where short wide blades shine. When you are trying to spin your kayak around between wave crests in surf or high winds, you can really feel the difference that a forgiving blade makes. For recreational kayakers, the advantages of short wide blades may not be as noticeable as when rolling etc., but the benefits are still there.

If buying your first paddle or a spare paddle, the fiberglass Corryvrecken is a good choice, but when you really know what paddle you like (the blade size and style, length, etc.), it's worth getting an all carbon paddle. The Corryvrecken is available in carbon or fiberglass laminate. Carbon paddles are lighter which makes them less fatiguing to use. When you look at the numbers for their weights it doesn't seem like a big difference, but when you pick them up and swing the paddles as if you were using them in a forward stroke, you can feel the difference right away.

The Corryvrecken is available in standard and small shaft diameters. However, if your hands are small enough to justify the small shaft option, then the Corryvrecken is probably too big a size blade for you. So even though the Corryvrecken is available in standard and small shaft diameters, we wouldn't recommend the small shaft option for one. For most people (men and women), even the standard shaft is too small and they do well to build it up with after market grip tape etc. The small shaft option is for people who have a trouble finding gloves small enough to fit their hands (XS and smaller glove size); if that's not you, get the standard shaft size.


Corryvrecken comes standard with Werner's Adjustable Ferule with internal splines that allow you to set it at any feather angle from 0 - 90 degrees left or right in 15 degree increments.



Color: Amber blades/black shaft

Blade dimensions: 49cm x 20cm, 710sq.cm

Weight for glass 220cm: 2-pc straight shaft = 772g

Standard lengths are:
215cm, 220cm, 225cm (available by special order from 205cm - 230cm in 5cm increments)