Werner Shuna Hooked Fishing Kayak Paddle

Werner Shuna Hooked Fishing Kayak Paddle

$ 275.00 USD

Brief Description

The Shuna Hooked is the perfect choice for anglers looking for a light, stiff and durable high angle paddle. For those looking for a more efficient paddling style keeping the boat tracking straighter, this is the paddle to look at. Still versatile enough for maneuvering strokes when controlling your boat to get a better casting angle. The Werner Shuna Hooked is offered in colors and graphics specific to the angler. (blade graphics change each year)


Detailed Description

In general, short, wide blades like the Shuna's are more forgiving (less prone to diving) than long, narrow blades (i.e. as on low angle paddles). This makes paddles like the Shuna easier to use when learning rolling, sculling and other combination strokes such as for leaned turns, and the Shuna paddle is especially popular with advanced paddlers because the rougher the conditions you paddle in, the more you need to use strokes where short wide blades shine. When you are trying to spin your kayak around between wave crests in surf or high winds, you can really feel the difference that a forgiving blade makes. For recreational kayakers, the advantages of short wide blades may not be as noticeable as when rolling etc., but the benefits are still there.  The fiberglass blades and carbon composite shaft give a good combination of light swing weight and stiffness

The Shuna Hooked is available in fiberglass laminate blade with a premium carbon shaft is engineered with a higher percentage of carbon materials versus fiberglass maintaining comfortable flex

The Shuna Hooked is available in standard shaft diameters. 

Shuna comes standard with Werner's Adjustable Ferule with internal splines that allow you to set it at any feather angle from 0 - 90 degrees left or right in 15 degree increments.


Color:  Fishing Specific Patterns
Blade: Premium Fiberglass Blade, Assymetrical Dihedral Shape 

Blade dimensions: 46cm x 18cm, 615sq.cm

Weight for glass 220cm: 2-pc straight shaft = 787g

Available in carbon blend Straight shaft, Standard Diameter in longer lengths for wider boats and raised seats.

Standard lengths are:

230cm, 240cm, 250cm (available by special order from 220cm - 260cm in 10cm increments)