Werner Shuna Hooked High Angle Fishing Paddle

Werner Shuna Hooked High Angle Fishing Paddle

$ 285.00 USD

Brief Description

The Shuna is Werner's most popular high angle fishing paddle. For those looking for a more efficient paddling style while keeping the boat tracking straighter, this is the paddle to look at. Still versatile enough for maneuvering strokes when controlling your boat to get a better casting angle. The perfect choice for anglers looking for a light, stiff and durable paddle.

Detailed Description

 The Shuna has a mid-sized paddle blade making it a good choice for a wide range of paddlers. The dihedral shape keeps the paddle moving through the water smoothly by directing water evenly off both sides of the paddle, reducing both flutter and fatigue. The Smart View Adjustable Ferrule (two-piece paddles only) allows for push-button adjustment of the feather angle in 15 degree increments from 0 to 60 degrees while still providing a solid one-piece paddle feel. Available in two-piece or four-piece construction, in 220cm - 260cm lengths in 10cm increments. 


Blade Dimensions: 46cm x 18.25cm, 615cm2 Surface Area

Standard Lengths: 220cm, 230cm, 240cm, 250 cm, 260cm

Smart View Adjustable Ferrule: 0 to 60 degrees in 15 degree increments (R or L)

Weight : 27.75 oz. / 787 g.


In stock paddles will ship the next business day, but due to the large variety of color choices and lengths, most paddles will drop ship from the manufacturer in 5 to 7 business days.