WKC Beginning Whitewater Kayaking Course - RENTAL Packages

$ 43.44 USD

Washington Kayak Club Beginning Whitewater Kayaking Course RENTAL Kayak And/Or Dry Suit Package - WKC Club Members ONLY

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Choose March 7th , March 14 or March 27th, 2021. 

You will need to pick up your gear rental at the Kayak Academy shop before the start of the course (do not stop by K.A. the day of  each class to get the gear!) Gear returned more than 2 days after the class will be charged a standard per day rental rate

You must fill out one of our liability forms to use our gear. Please print out our Liability Form, complete it and bring it to K.A. when you pick up your kayak.

Rental options

To set up a rental, select one of three options in the UPPER RIGHT MENU (the cost will change accordingly):

  • Drysuit Rental Package Only - $40.00
    • Dry Suit rental includes Dry Suit, Booties, Helmet Liner Cap.
  • WW Kayak Rental Package Only - $50.00
    • Kayak rental includes River Kayak w/rear float bags, PFD, Paddle, Sprayskirt, Helmet.
  • Drysuit & WW Kayak Rental Package - $90.00
    • Includes all the above equipment

K.A. policy on damaged/lost gear

Damaged and/or lost rental dry suits, kayaks, and gear are the renter's responsibility. Damaged dry suits (beyond/other than 1 torn gasket), trimmed gaskets (without K.A.'s permission), and/or lost dry suits are the customer's responsibility. Damage charges: $5 per pinhole after the 3rd one, and up to the MSRP cost of the suit (broken zipper, the fabric is torn or contaminated with paint, glue, rubber patches, etc). Replacement charge = retail price MSRP.

Application of rental credit towards gear purchases

Renters may use the $40.00 dry-suit-only rental fee or up to $150.00 multiple rental fee towards the purchase of a new dry suit from K.A. before Dec. 31, 2021. This credit may not be combined with any other offer or sale and does not apply to used Dry Suits.

Before April 30th, 2021, renters may also apply the $50.00 whitewater-kayak-only rental fee or up to $150.00 of the combo rental fee towards the purchase of a NEW regular priced river kayak.

Also before April 30th, 2021, renters can apply up to $100.00 of either rental fee toward the purchase of any used kayak from K.A. This credit may not be combined with any other offer or sale.

Club members are offered 10% off reg. priced new Dry Suits, wetsuits, PFD's, helmets, and paddles at K.A. This offer may not be combined with the above credit options. This does not include custom or special orders.

Thank You.

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