WKC Beginning Whitewater Kayaking Course - RENTAL Packages

Washington Kayak Club Beginning Whitewater Kayaking Course RENTAL Kayak And/Or Dry Suit Package

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  • MARCH 4th - MARCH 26th, 2023
    • For the true course start times, look on the WKC website

Gear Pick-Up Appointments:

You need to stop by our shop to pick up your rental gear. Email us at info@kayakacademy.com to set up a 45-minute appointment for gear fitting and pick-up at the Kayak Academy -

  • Dates available for gear pick-up
    • Saturday, February 25, and Tuesday, February 28 - Friday, March 3
  • Times available each day
    • 9:00 am-5:00 pm  

Please provide us with your true dimensions - height, weight, and shoe and we will get you fitted properly in all your gear on arrival. Don't guess or estimate, the accuracy of these measurements directly affects how your suit and kayak fit and your comfort level while using them

Note: If you are just renting a drysuit and can't stop by to pick up the suit, please email us and we will mail the suit to you. 

    Rental options:

    To set up a rental, select one of three options in the UPPER RIGHT MENU (the cost will change accordingly):

    • Drysuit Rental Package Only - $160.00
      • Drysuit rental includes a Gore-tex Dry Suit, Booties, Helmet Liner Cap or Balaclava.
    • WW Kayak Rental Package Only - $200.00
      • Kayak rental includes River Kayak w/rear float bags, PFD, Paddle, Spray skirt, and Helmet.
    • Drysuit & WW Kayak Rental Package - $360.00
      • Includes all the above equipment

      Liability Form

      You must fill out one of our liability forms to use our gear. Please click here to go to and fill out our online record and release form.

      Gear Return and Late Fees

      Gear returned more than 3 days after the class will be charged a standard per-day rental rate:

      • Dry suits: $35.00
      • Kayaks: $45.00

      K.A. cannot accommodate boat preferences

      We can not accommodate boat preferences for these rentals due to the large number of kayaks rented. Kayak Academy will choose a rental kayak model appropriate for the sizing info you provide here. Please input accurate sizing.

      K.A. policy on damaged/lost gear

      Damaged and/or lost rental dry suits, kayaks, and gear are the renter's responsibility. 

      Damaged dry suits (beyond/other than 1 torn gasket), trimmed gaskets (without K.A.'s permission), and/or lost dry suits and kayaks will incur damaged/lost equipment fees.

      Damage/lost equipment charges:

      • Drysuit fabric puncture damage
        • $5 per pinhole after the 3rd one
      • Drysuit: broken zipper, torn fabric, paint and/or glue contamination, rubber patches, aquaseal repair, etc.
        • Up to MSRP retail price of drysuit. Replacement charge = MSRP retail price.
      • Kayak: puncture holes, cracks, broken hardware
        • Up to MSRP retail price of kayak. Replacement charge = MSRP retail price.
      • Lost drysuit and/or kayak
        • MSRP retail price of drysuit and/or kayak

      Application of rental credit towards Dry suit

      For drysuits, renters may use up to $150.00 of their rental fee towards the purchase of a new dry suit from K.A. before Dec. 31, 2022. This credit may not be combined with any other offer or sale and does not apply to used Dry Suits.

      Club Discounts

      Club members are offered an 10% off New Regular Priced Dry Suits, Wetsuits, PFD's, helmets, and paddles at K.A. This offer may not be combined with the above credit options. A confirmation letter will be sent after you register with information about the rental and club member discount code.

      Liability Form:
      Please click here to go to and fill out our online “Student Record and Liability Release Form”.

      How to sign up for classes/rentals:
      Fist select the rental option and, if applicable, the lesson location. Then select the date of the lesson/rental you wish to take.

      If you have moved onto the second sign-up page and are having trouble seeing all the required fields, try placing your mouse pointer over the "Additional Information" field and using the scroll wheel on your mouse. Otherwise, you can click on a visible field and hit the "tab" button on your keyboard to go to the next required field.

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