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July 3-6 KA SHOP is CLOSED!

HAVE A GREAT 4th! You can continue to SHOP ONLINE but we will be out on the water somewhere.


K.A. On-Line Store and Phone Sales Open with Curbside Delivery and Shipping

On-line orders, phone orders, dry suit repairs, and returns will be processed and shipped as usual. Our "brick and mortar" store will be temporarily closed.

"Curbside delivery" may be made via our "dropbox" outside office gate - call to make arrangements or choose the "free in-store pick-up" for website orders (which now means Curbside delivery via our dropbox). Please ship dry suit repairs to us (wash your suit first and attach a note saying it has been washed).


2020 Lessons are on the Calendar!

Kayak Academy Whitewater and Sea Kayak Lesson's are on the calendar. Whitewater Program begins March 28th (not to be confused with WKC rental) Sea  Kayak Programs begins April 4th We also post kayak and drysuit rentals for the Washington Kayak Club and Mountaineers Club. Also, if you are interested in...