Recycle Kayak Waste

About once a month we stuff our van as full as possible with, the plastic bags that new kayaks come wrapped in, Styrofoam from boxes of new tech devices, and cardboard. Then we take it all to Styro Recycle

Reuse Fill Material

We do not buy or use ANY virgin package filling material (Styrofoam "peanuts", Sealed Air bags, etc.). We are able to reuse the filling we receive from our vendors' shipments and any extra filling material we give to our local UPS/FedEx shipping store. 

Reuse Boxes

We minimize using new boxes by:

Local customers and friends giving us the small to medium boxes we need.

Reusing shoe boxes from our in-store customers' purchases.

Packaging with maximum efficiency by taking certain products out of their box if we are shipping multiple items in another bigger box. 

Cutting down boxes. When we get large boxes from our vendors we cut them down to fit our bigger items like a life jacket, hatch cover or dry suit. Time is money, so it would be cheaper and more profitable for us to just buy new boxes of the sizes we commonly use, but that would be wasteful so when ever we can we cut down boxes to fit. Boxes that can't be re-used we flatten, cut up and recycle.

Good News

KA shipping and receiving staff are making a contribution to saving energy, reducing greenhouse gases, reducing land fill waste, and saving trees. Isn't that what you would expect from a kayak retailer? Expedited shipping wastes energy too, so try to plan ahead so you can use standard shipping whenever ordering whether from us or anywhere else you shop on-line.