As a COVID safety precaution, for the foreseeable future  K.A. will only be offering in-person shopping by appointment and only for kayak fitting, sales and demos. For all other sales, rentals, and service (including dry suit gasket replacement) please order on-line from our website. For local customers we now have two separate “Drop-Off” and “Pick-Up” boxes -- choose the “Free Curbside Delivery” shipping option at check-out to have your order left in the Pick-Up box. Clean drysuits for repair (i.e. washed with soap) may be left in our Drop-Off Box (label your item with your contact info and Sales Receipt number). Rental returns may also be left in our Drop-Off Box.

We’ve spent the past year putting most everything we sell on our website -- even spare parts -- and our website now reflects our current inventory. So if the website lets you buy an item that means it is in stock. For dry suit purchases, we’ve added a form that asks your pertinent sizing info so we can double check that you selected the best fitting size before we ship your order. Also we will soon have a custom fitted drysuit sizing tool on our website so you can order custom sized suits from us on-line. Remember only K.A. guarantees your drysuit fit, and for custom sized suits we will send you a loaner suit to use for free while you wait for your custom sized suit to be built. If you have further questions please call us for a drysuit fitting phone consultation: 425.226.2523

Kayak fitting appointments will be performed outside, rain or shine, and it rains a lot here so wear appropriate clothing (or drysuit if you have one). If you have your own wetsuit booties, bring them so you can get the best possible feel for the how a kayak fits you. Wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose and cancel your appointment if you have any COVID symptoms. A porta-jon and hand-washing station are provided for customers. To make a kayak fitting/demo/sales appointment call: 425.226.2523

On a separate note, our landline phone provider hasn't replaced their copper wires in a long time. So when it rains our phones get static and cut-out or sometimes quit working completely. We've had the service techs work on this many times but until the lines are replaced every fix is temporary. So if you can't connect to us by phone, let us know in an email and we will call you back on a cell phone.