Kajak Sport Round Click-on Hatch Cover (3 Sizes) for composite kayaks

Kajak Sport Round Click-on Hatch Cover (3 Sizes) for composite kayaks

$ 36.00 USD

Kajak-Sport Click-on hatch cover series have a rigid plastic center with a soft rubber lip making it lighter and easier to open and close than the Original Rubber model lid. Click-on covers are interchangeable with other Kayak Sport Round hatch covers of the same size, however, the Click-on covers are for composite (fiberglass) and thermo-formed kayaks ONLY (these kayaks have black Kajak-Sport ABS plastic hatch rims). If you have a roto-molded PE kayak, you need an Original Rubber Hatch Cover. If you aren't sure whether your kayak is fiberglass or roto-molded plastic, call us before placing your order.

Kayak brands that use Kajak-Sport hatches include: P&H, TideRace, CD, Eddyline -- select years, NDK (except the day hatch which uses a Valley brand cover), Tahe, Rebel, Zegul, Rockpool, and late model (2013 and newer?) fiberglass WS Tempest Pro (not roto-molded Tempests).

Round Click-on hatch covers are available in three sizes. (The Round Original Rubber series hatch covers are available in these same sizes plus an even smaller one)

Typical uses by size (size is the inside diameter of the hatch rim opening not the lid):

15cm/5.91" "Fourth Hatch" (front day hatch in front of cockpit, AKA "whisky hatch" or "glove-box" but not for a removable pod)
SN: 301311

20cm/7.874" "Day Hatch" (behind cockpit) except NDK kayaks which use a Valley brand cover for Day Hatch (only) as an upgrade from the original NDK lid GO-TO the "Valley Hatch Cover VCP Round" item
SN: 301511

24cm/9.45 Bow Hatch (and sometimes as a rear hatch on kayaks that have a round rear hatch, e.g. NDK Explorer and Romany (but not the Sport which is Roto-Molded - see KS Original Rubber Round Hatch Cover), some TideRace Kayaks (if it has a round bow hatch), some Eddyline Kayaks (if it has a round bow or stern hatch))
SN: 301711

Tip: Whenever a rubber hatch cover is difficult to open or close, wipe a little 303 Protectant on the inside lip of the lid and the outside rim of the hatch on the kayak. This will make it much easier to open and close and it will prevent cracking the kayak. Also about twice a year it is good to smear 303 on the outside of the cover as a UV block to extend the life of the lid.