Used Kayaks, Used Drysuits, Used Kayak Equipment

Updated: April 3, 2024

Used equipment at bargain prices! All sales are final and no warranty on used equipment except dry suits - see notes. We are located near Seattle, WA. Shipping for most small items (i.e. a dry suit or PFD) will cost $17.50 for UPS ground shipped to the 48 contiguous US States. Items shipped to Alaska and Hawaii generally ship via Priority Mail.

NOTE: We don't ship kayaks, but you can make arrangements with KAS Transport for kayak shipping FOB from us to you.

If someone's name and contact information are listed with an item, contact them directly. Otherwise call the Kayak Academy at 425-200-0030 or e-mail us at

Watercraft (Kayaks, Canoes, SUP Paddle Boards)

Dry Suits

Kayak equipment


Folding Kayaks

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Sea Kayaks (singles) 

TooGood Mako Surf Ski, racing sit-on-top, Sterling built fiberglass, White w/blue seam, fits L-XL paddler, fast & tippy, good condition. 

Current Designs Karla w/both Heavy Water Lay-up plus Kevlar, L-XL sized person's surf/rock garden/day trip sea kayak w/skeg, four hatches/three bulkheads. 15'3" x 21". Little used and excellent condition. Orange deck/White hull/Black Seam, made is USA. Includes deck compass and Keeleazy keel strip
$3,600.00 (new $5,700.00)

Dagger Stratos 12.5 S, roto-molded 12.5' w/ skeg, small - medium size person beginning kayak and/or day trip sea kayak, great for surfing and rough water play, with 10" round front hatch, oval rear hatch, recessed deck fittings, good knee/thigh braces (easy to learn rolling with). New condition
$1231.20 (20% off reg. new price $1539.00 ).

P&H, Cetus HV Infusion Molded Carbon/Kev. w/skeg, XL - XXL person's all around sea kayak/expedition kayak, 18'3"x22.5", four hatches and three bulkheads, Light Gray deck/White hull/Black seam and coaming, Light weight, 1.5yr old, almost new condition,
$3900.00 (new $5552.00 for just the boat)

WS Tempest 170 RM 17' Touring kayak w/skeg, fits L sized person, good all around sea kayak. Good condition, Mango color, package deal with cockpit cover, AquaBound Manta Ray Hybrid 2-pc 220cm paddle
$1300.00 (new $2,069.00 for boat only and $175 for the paddle)

Valley RM Etain 17.7 (Large - XL size person's sea kayak) w/ skeg, front and rear oval VCP rubber hatches, round VCP day hatch plus "fourth hatch" in front of cockpit, 3 bulkheads, recessed deck fittings, good knee/thigh braces, adjustable padded back band. Great expedition kayak. Yellow, Good condition, 5 yr old, $1350.00 (new $2575.00)

Close-out SALE on New Sea Kayaks

In addition to the used kayaks here, click this link to see our kayak sale page.

NOTE: we are a dealer for: P&H Sea Kayaks, Valley Kayaks, NorthShore, and Dagger. Click Sea Kayaks link here for details.

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Sea Kayak (doubles)

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Recreational Kayaks (singles)

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Sit-on-top Kayaks / Fishing Kayaks

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River Kayaks

NOTE: We don't ship kayaks. You can arrange shipping on your own. We will pack it but are not responsible for any shipping damage.

Dagger Code S, Small person's river running/creek kayak, great for learning as well as forgiving for skilled paddlers running class IV/V. 1 years old. Nearly new condition, "Aurora Color".

Dagger Code M, Med. to Large person's river running/creek kayak, great for learning as well as forgiving for skilled paddlers running class IV/V. 1 years old. Would be in great condition except it has a fist size dent under the seat. Red.

Jackson Antix 2.0 M (2nd generation), Med. to Large person's river running kayak, good for learning and forgiving for intermediate paddlers too, surfs great! 3 years old good condition, Green (lime).

Jackson Zen 3.0 S (current and 3rd generation), S-Med.Sm person's river running/creek kayak, great for learning and forgiving for intermediate paddlers too. 4 years old. Good condition, Green (lime).

Jackson Zen 3.0 L (current and 3rd generation), L-XXL person's river running/creek kayak, great for learning and forgiving for intermediate paddlers too. 4 years old, good condition, Yellow.

Close-out SALE on New River Kayaks

In addition to the used white water kayaks above, click this link to see our river kayak sale page.

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Surf Kayaks

Valley Rush surf kayak. Kevlar lay-up, Zenith blue deck/white hull and seam, three fins, slightly used, excellent condition. Comes with fins.
$750.00 (new $2,499.00).


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SUP (Stand Up Paddle Boards)

We are selling some of our rental SUPs (Stand Up Paddle Boards) to make room for new ones at our rental concession (DBA Issaquah Paddle Sports at L. Sammamish State Park). These are rigid boards - not inflatable.


Pau Hanna Big EZ VFT wood-look deck/white hull, 11' x 34" x 5", volume = 235 l, 34lbs, $200 - $400 with a new 2-pc Adjustable Length Paddle (new these are $1099.00) Price depends on the condition of the SUP, boards under $500 have some damage and have either been repaired or are in need of repair. These boards are built with conventional epoxy and fiberglass over an EPS foam core then encased in a thermo-formed shell for extra durability especially when dragged over sand. The Big EZ is a great all-around SUP that is stable enough to learn on and suited for paddlers up to 230lbs.

Ankle leashes are recommended but not included. We have used leashes to sell with these SUPs for $25.00 each (new cost is $49.95). We have a small assortment of used PFDs to sell too, prices vary.

Checkout for more used deals!

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Spray Skirts for Sea Kayaks only

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Wet Suits

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Dry Suits

We have a new product page for used dry suits!

You can order your used drysuit on-line, just like you would with our new products.

Click here to go to our used dry suit page

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Close-out SALE on New Drysuits

In addition to the used dry suits above, click the banner to see our dry suit sale page.

Didn't see your size on the close-out or used drysuit page? Our retail store stocks the largest selection of new Kokatat Gore-Tex drysuit sizes in the US and probably anywhere else. We actually stock XXL, King size, all Women's sizes (with and without drop seat zippers), and we even stock some custom sized suits (i.e. L and XL with arms and legs shortened and Men's L and XL with body lengthened). And if you need a custom size or options that we don't have in stock we are happy to order them for you and have more experience with those custom options/sizing than any other Kokatat dealer. I (George Gronseth) have personally been using dry suits for kayaking for over thirty-five years (times about 200 days/year of use that adds up to a lot of dry suit experience). And my staff and I have put thousands of our students into dry suits and spent the day or week with them. And that doesn't even count the people we've fitted in suits for retail sales. We have the most experience and the best service. 

Want to make a trade? We sometimes take used drysuits in on trade for credit toward a new suit. Call if you have a suit to trade in.

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Dry Tops

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Paddle Jackets

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Life Jackets (PFD)

PFD's are USED except when it says NEW Closeout. All PFD's listed have pockets

Astral Norge L/XL Blue $70.00 good condition

NRS Vista XXL Yellow or Blue $50.00 good condition (2015)

Stohlquist PiSEA XXL Red $60 a little faded good condition

Stohlquist PiSEA  Universal Red $70.00 NEW Closeout Regular Price 99.95

Stohlquist Descent XXL Yellow $170.00 NEW Closeout (2019) Regular Price $295.00

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Camping and Miscellaneoous 

Wheels C-Tug Kayak Cart, puncture free wheels SOLD as singles. Sale $24.50 New $35. Clearance- 2 in stock. Look for C-Tug Sidewinder on our Online store. Local purchase recommended but we can ship for an additional charge.

Racks Yakima Q Stretch Kit to spread cross bar on cars with short rooflines 1993-2004 75.00 New 130.00. Clearance- 1 in stock

Racks Yakima Q44 Clip -you'll need to find Q towers. These are for cars that do not have a gutter. Come in a pair, so likely you'll need 2 sets $27.30 Sale $39.00

Racks Yakima SKS Lock Cores - in 2,4 and 8 pack. 30% Off Start at $40.00 for 2 pack.

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