Greenland Kayaking Course List and Short Descriptions

Currently, we are not running our greenland kayaking classes. However, if you wish to learn how to kayak with greenland paddling technique, you can learn it in our SK101, SK102 and SK115 classes if you ask us. When signing up for one of these classes, leave a note in your order saying you want to learn greenland paddling techniques. You will be able to do so as you check out with your cart.

Main Courses

SK 116 Greenland Boat Handling Intro - Not offered for 2024 season

Want to learn how to kayak like the Greenlanders do? We will show you how. This class will teach you the history of the Greenland kayak and paddle along with Greenland style boat handing and paddling techniques.

SK 117 Greenland Rolling Intro - Not offered for 2024 season

Start learning the traditional rolling and bracing techniques with a Greenland "stick" paddle.

Greenland Paddling Technique

SK101, SK102 and SK 115 course. The Kayak Academy was the first N. American school to offer instruction in Greenland style paddling technique. George Gronseth went to Greenland in 1990 and learned how to use a Greenland paddle from the experts in Greenland. George has more experience teaching and paddling with Greenland style paddles than anyone this side of the Atlantic. When switching from a Euro paddle to a Greenland stick paddle, you'll find all the paddling strokes are different, and no-one teaches these differences better than George Gronseth. Greenland paddling technique is an option in our SK 115 and SK 111 courses.

Other Kayak Courses & Events Of Interest For Greenland Stick Paddlers

Wed. Evening Coaching & Fitness Paddle

An informal weekly exercise and practice session for Kayak Academy alumni.

Tues. & Thurs. Morning Fitness Paddle

An informal twice a week exercise session for Kayak Academy alumni.

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