Greenland Kayaking Course List and Short Descriptions

The following are short descriptions of our Greenland paddling kayak courses. Click the blue course number or title links for specifics on what is taught, what gear is  included, prerequisites, tuition fees and schedules for each individual kayak course.

If you've never been in a kayak before or have never practiced capsizing and getting out while upside down, we recommend starting with our SK 101 course (click the course title or go to "Sea Kayaking Course List" page for more info) - We will credit $50 from your SK 101 tuition towards either a SK 102 course, a SK 111 course or a SK 115 course.

SK 117 Greenland Rolling Intro
Start learning the traditional rolling and bracing techniques with a Greenland "stick" paddle.

Greenland Paddling Technique
SK 111 and SK 115 course. The Kayak Academy was the first N. American school to offer instruction in Greenland style paddling technique. George Gronseth went to Greenland in 1990 and learned how to use a Greenland paddle from the experts in Greenland. George has more experience teaching and paddling with Greenland style paddles than anyone this side of the Atlantic. When switching from a Euro paddle to a Greenland stick paddle, you'll find all the paddling strokes are different, and no-one teaches these differences better than George Gronseth. Greenland paddling technique is an option in our SK 115 and SK 111 courses

Other Kayak Courses & Events Of Interest For Greenland Stick Paddlers

Wed. Evening Coaching & Fitness Paddle
An informal weekly exercise and practice session for Kayak Academy alumni.

Tues. & Thurs. Morning Fitness Paddle
An informal twice a week exercise session for Kayak Academy alumni.