Custom Kokatat Drysuits from K.A.

Here at Kayak Academy, we've been helping our customers find the right size drysuit for decades (over 30 years!). We've seen drysuits come and go, fittings change and new technological advancements make their way into the industry. Throughout that time, we've come to see that Kokatat makes the finest suits on the market, and has been on the cutting edge with their innovative designs, waterproof fabrics and durable construction. We're proud to have had them as a business partner for over 25 years.

Our experience and strong relationship with Kokatat has led our team here to be second to none when it comes to customer satisfaction with standard and custom drysuit fitting. Come work with us, you won't be disappointed.

Email it to us at for help on ordering a custom drysuit. We'll work with you to get not just the drysuit you want, but the drysuit you'll enjoy using for years to come.