Sea Kayaks: P&H, Current Designs, Dagger

As of 10/19/23, we've received our 2023 boat orders. Now it's time to order a kayak for next year.

In stock now:

Current Designs Prana LV in Fiberglass

Current Designs Sisu in Fiberglass

P&H Cetus in Lightweight Infusion Molded Kevlar/Carbon: LV

P&H Cetus Lightweight Infusion Kevlar/Carbon HV (slightly used)

P&H Scorpio MV (triple-layer roto-molded Corelinte X construction)

P&H Scorpio HV (used 1x, triple-layer roto-molded Corelite X construction)

P&H Leo HV (triple-layer roto-molded Corelite X construction)

P&H Virgo MV (triple-layer roto-molded Corelite X construction)

Dagger Stratos 14.5L (single layer roto-molded)

Dagger Stratos 12.5S (single layer roto-molded)

Dagger Stratos 12.5L (single layer roto-molded)

Read our Sea Kayak Buyer's Guide. If you buy a kayak from us, you'll be sure to get one that fits you well and matches your skill level. When you're ready to purchase a boat, call us for an appointment!

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Used Sea Kayaks

We are an authorized dealer for: P&H, Current Designs,Valley, and Dagger

*** Note: We do not sell sea kayaks online, please call us to order. Also we only ship FOB via KAS Transport. ***