Float Bags for Stern of Sea Kayaks

Float Bags for Stern of Sea Kayaks

$ 40.00 USD


These three sizes of Stern Float Bags are ideal size to use under the rear hatch in front of the skeg box in small to high volume sea kayaks with a retractable skeg; the large size is also good for the stern of most sea kayaks without a skeg (though for an 18' kayak without a skeg our Mariner Stern Float Bag will fit better). When the stern is empty, use this bag plus a smaller float bag behind the skeg to complete the flotation for the stern of the kayak (bow flotation is needed too).

Note: All sea kayaks should be equipped with back-up buoyancy (two forms of flotation in both ends). Float bags inside bulkhead compartments create a backup flotation system in case of a hatch leak (implosion in surf, operator error in closing/sealing hatch lid, or hatch rim leak, bulkhead leak, damage/hole in kayak hull, etc.)



  • Small
    • Dimensions: 23" x 26"
    • Used with boats such as WS Tempest 170 and 165, NDK Roamany, Necky Chatham 16 & 17
  • Medium
    • Dimensions: 35" x 28"
    • Use with boats such as WS Tempest 180, TideRace Xpore X, Valley Aquanaut HV
  • Large
    • Dimensions: 44" x 26"
    • Used with boats such as Eddyline Nighthawk 17.5

Made of Vinyl

Color: Silver