303 Protectant, Bottle

303 Protectant, Bottle

$ 4.00 USD


The handy 2oz 303 Pump Bottle is small enough to pack with you wherever you go, and it will last most kayakers for years of treating their dry suit gaskets and kayak hatch covers. But if you want to cover a raft then a 32oz spray bottle of 303 is the way to go.


303 Protectant is the best lubricant and UV protectant to use on rubber hatch covers and latex gaskets for dry suits and dry tops. Kokatat recommends 303 Protectant by name for gaskets on all their dry wear products. It extends the life of your hatch covers and latex gaskets by blocking harmful UV rays from penetrating the rubber, and at the same time it makes your dry suit more comfortable and easier to slip in and out of by lubricating the seals. So apply it to both the inside and outside of your dry suit and dry top seals whenever they feel sticky or dry. Apply at least once a year on the outside of rubber hatch covers and on the inside edge whenever hatches feel hard to open or close.