P&H Sea Kayak Skeg Blade

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P&H Sea Kayak Skeg Blade

$ 80.00 USD

This skeg blade fits P&H Sea Kayaks 2012 and newer with a string (not a steel cable)  to control the skeg. If you have an older kayak where the blade has a red axle this won't work (we can special order those if needed).

When replacing skeg blade you will also probably need to replace the control string unless you can untie the knot at the blade end. To untie the knot, lower the skeg control all the way. Pull the end of the string out of the blade while pushing the blade up into the skeg box and taping it in the retracted position. If this doesn't work, cut the string and replace it. 

Once the control string is cut or untied, you can replace the blade. Open the little access hatch above the blade on the kayak deck. Undo the knot and cord-lock on the bungee that pulls the blade up. Then pull the blade out the bottom of the hull.

P&H Skeg Blade - Skudder-derived skeg blade (string and bungee style)
Cetus MKII
Scorpio MKII
Venture Kayaks Jura