P&H Skeg Control Cord

P&H Skeg Control Cord

P&H Skeg Control Cord

$ 20.00 USD

P&H Skeg Maintenance Kit - Low Friction Yellow Cord and tiny bungee. This is the current factory replacement cord for P&H kayaks with a string and spring style skeg or "skudder" control system.

Note the current production string (yellow or red) is thicker than the blue string that the earlier versions of these skeg systems were designed for.

P&H hasn't stocked the blue thinner line in a while.
P&H changed the skeg line to the thicker yellow one a few years back (2019?). With the MKII slider system it is fairly easy to remove the slider knob and drill out the hole in the aft end of the control box just a bit wider for the yellow (or red) string. If you still have the original version of the slider assembly you could try to widening the hole on the button the line goes through or you can replace it with the MKII slider knob. Or a customer gave the tip: For old style P&H skegs with the thinner line you can use 50 lb to 100 lb mono-filiment fishing line. It is easier to thread and more abrasion resistant than the original. [not sure what knots he used though].

The easiest way to distinguish between the original control box and the MKII is that the MKII slider assembly has two silver colored Allen screws at the front of the assembly.

2022: Some P&H sea kayaks came with a red cord. P&H has had trouble sourcing the yellow cords this past year and has moved to the red. Should be no difference at all - depending on who you ask the red is either better or exactly the same.

2023 Update: We have the Yellow string in stock again.