Dry Suit Accessories, Care and Maintenance Items

Dry Suit Accessory Guide


Dry Suit Accessories

If you want your dry suit to last a long time and keep you as warm and dry as possible, you need some care and maintenance items to go with it. When you buy a new drysuit from the Kayak Academy, we give you our own special DrySuit Care Kit for free to get you started right, but if you didn't buy your drysuit from us, then you can get the products you need here (just click the link above to shop for Dry Suit Accessories).

As a minimum, we recommend having zipper wax (for all drysuits with metal toothed zippers), 303 Protectant (rather than silicone) for the latex gaskets, non-bleach laundry soap (for Gore-Tex and other waterproof/breathable drysuits), and a drysuit hanger (to support your drysuit without stressing its waterproof membrane).

In time you will need replacement gaskets (or contact us to replace gaskets for you) and tools for installing new gaskets on your dry suit. We have everything you need to maintain your drysuit in the best possible condition.