How to Patch a Dry Suit

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Do you sell a patch to fix a 1/8 inch tear in my dry suit? If so, what else do I need to do the repair?

For bigger tears we sell a GoreTex patch kit (assuming yours is a GoreTex suit), but for an 1/8 inch hole you don't need a patch kit. A smear of AquaSeal about the size of a dime on the inside is all you need. Put a piece of clear packing tape on the outside of the suit first to keep the AquaSeal from dripping through the hole while it is curing. Then pull the tape off once the AquaSeal has set.

The Kayak Academy sells AquaSeal tubes but you can buy it locally at dive shops, kayak shops, etc. AquaSeal also used for gluing on replacement gaskets, patching small holes in neoprene etc.

Here's a money saving tip. Once you have opened a tube of glue such as AquaSeal, store it in a freezer to help keep the rest of it from hardening in the tube. Chemical reactions are slowed down at lower temperatures. The next time you need to use the glue, just pull it out of the freezer 15 minutes or so ahead of time so it can warm up to room temperature.

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