Kokatat Dry Suit Options and Custom Sizing (We stock big and tall size

The photo above is not a 2-piece dry suit; it shows a dry suit with a feature called an overskirt (the bottom of the overskirt ends with a 4" wide band of black neoprene around the waist which makes it look like a 2-piece suit). The overskirt is strictly for kayakers. It improves the seal between your spray skirt and your torso so less water will get into your kayak when practicing rolls in a kayak or kayaking in whitewater and surf. Suits with an over skirt cost about $90 more than similar dry suits without an overskirt. Most sea kayakers opt for skipping the overskirt, and if your spray skirt has suspender straps you can't make use of an overskirt anyhow. Kokatat makes two dry suit models with an overskirt, the "Meridian" and the "Expedition". The one shown at right is an "Expedition" dry suit, which is virtually a "Meridian" style dry suit with a lot of bells and whistles that would otherwise be optional extras. If you look closely at the photo you can see a diagonal flap across the front of the torso. This flap covers the front entry zipper on the suit and it is part of the overskirt system. So in case you are wondering, yes both the Meridian and Expedition suits have front entry style zippers. On suits without an overskirt the zipper is exposed (no cover over it), making it a bit easier to open and close, however, having a cover over the zipper reduces the risk of scratching your car while loading and unloaded you kayak.

Some optional features include (for pricing information go back to our Store page):

  • Reinforcement patches on seat and knees come standard on Kokatat dry suits, but are optional on some brands.
  • Internal suspenders (to keep suit from falling down to your ankles when walking with sleeves tied around your waist)
  • Relief (pee) zipper (visible below the overskirt in the above photo) -- part of the package on GFER, GMER, EXP
  • Drop seat zipper -- available on women's suits only, and part of the package on GFED, GMED, EXP
  • Dry socks sealed to legs instead of tight fitting ankle gaskets -- choice of Latex or Gore Tex dry socks (on Gore-Tex suits or Tropos socks on Tropos suits) in four sizes. GoreTex dry socks are part of the package on GFER, GFED, GMER, GMED, and EXP
  • Zippered pocket on the sleeve (you may order pockets on Left, Right or both sleeves) -- standard on EXP
  • Gore-Tex hood (standard on EXP model suit, optional on GME/GMER/GMED/GMEWR and GFE/GFER/GFED/GFEWR)
  • Reflective tape on sleeves (both sleeves or none)
  • Cover on Relief Zipper
  • Cover over front entry zipper on GFE/GFER/GFED (standard on GMER/GMED, EXP)
  • Custom sock size on suits with dry socks
  • Custom sizing
  • Custom color (working with the colors Kokatat uses in the same fabric)

Custom sizing is also available, call us for details; custom sizing is surprisingly affordable ($36 - $75 per adjustment)

We also replace dry suit gaskets and stock all sizes of Kokatat replacement latex gaskets, latex dry socks, and the tools to make it easy to replace them yourself. See our Gaskets and Dry Socks page for information on replacing gaskets and dry socks.