Morning Fitness Kayaking Exercise Paddle

Paddle Schedule: Every Tues. & Thurs. Morning 

Time: 7:15am - 8:30am (all year except holidays)

Get your morning workout by paddling before work with Kayak Academy and friends on Lake Sammamish.  Paddle for an hour on L. Sammamish. It's a great way to get fit and stay in shape for your weekend adventures.


Prerequisites: Sea kayak safety training (i.e. our SK101 or higher or equivalent - check with KA about equivalency). This is an informal meet-up group, you are responsible for your own safety so dress appropriately for the water temperature (wetsuit or dry suit most of the year) and bring the usual safety essentials.

All are welcome including Club members, groups, Kayak Academy alumni, Mountaineers trained kayakers, WKC members, SSKC members, Seattle Meet-up Kayakers, and WWTA members.

Cost: Free if you bring your own sea kayak and wet suit or dry suit (rentals available for pick up at the lake, call ahead to reserve or use pool rental fee)


What to expect: 3 to 4 nautical mph pace for an hour. This is NOT a guided tour or beginner lesson, but if you are new to this group we will offer some coaching tips if needed to bring your forward stoke efficiency up to this level. 

Washington State Parks Discover Pass required to drive into the park (Pass and Day Use Permit are available from machine at park entrance or buy  Discover Pass On-line here

Location: Tibbitts Beach, L. Sammamish State Park (see map below). Look for the "Issaquah Paddle Sports/K.A." shed

Rental: We have reduced rental rates for these fitness sessions and we will deliver rentals to you at the lake ($15 for kayak rental, $10 for wet suit or dry suit rental), please call a couple days ahead to make a rental reservation

Leader(s): Volunteers, George or Barbara Gronseth

Tips: Suit up at home, bring wheels for transporting your kayak from the parking lot to the lake, have all your gear in a rucksack so you only need to make one trip from the parking area, help other kayakers with unloading their boats etc.

Mark your calendar and come often.

Map to Tibbitts Beach (click on blue tag to get driving directions)

View Tibbitts Beach in a larger map