Sea Kayak Gear that Cannot Be Taken On Airplanes

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Many common everyday sea kayak safety and camping items are prohibited on airplanes. So if you are planning a kayak trip that involves flying to the destination, study up on regulations and if in doubt -- leave it out.

Most campers are aware of the restrictions on camp stoves and fuel (no fuel allowed), but there are also restrictions on the type and quantity of matches, lighters, bear pepper spray, emergency distress signal flares (prohibited), and much more. Civil penalties for even one little box of strike anywhere matches (prohibited in both carry on and checked baggage) add up to thousands of dollars. Ignorance is no defense. Accidentally forgetting to remove them from your gear is no excuse. Double check your first aid kit, emergency supplies, camping gear, etc. to remove all prohibited items before going to the airport. Plan ahead to allow time to buy any such necessary items at your destination, and remember to dispose of them safely (ideally find other kayakers, campers, boaters to give them to) before your returning to the airport for your flight home.

These rules frequently change, so before your next trip go to the following Web pages to learn the current regulations about items that are prohibited and/or restricted on airplanes.

Transportation Safety Administration

Federal Aviation Administration

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