We have been teaching kayak classes since 1991 and have worked with thousands of students. Below is a sampling of the feedback we have received.


"I learned ten times as much as I expected." B.D., Willis, TX

"Those were the biggest waves I've ever paddled in. Thanks for taking us there." P.L., Hope, ID

"The best lesson I've ever had on anything." A.P., Toppenish, WA

"You came highly recommended, and yet your course exceeded my expectations." M.D., Portland, OR

"I'm a teacher, and let me say that you are a gifted instructor. I wish I was as good at what I teach." G.B., Seattle, WA

"I'm still raving about your 5-Day Training Camp to anyone who will listen" S.H., Tacoma, WA

"You should change your advertising to tell people how fun your courses are. That's why I keep coming back, I have fun and feel safe" P.P. Vashon I., WA

"I'm signing up for two more classes this year. The three classes I've taken have been great. My head is so packed with new information that it will take me months (maybe years) to put it all into practice." B.W., Lynnwood, WA

"The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches, but to reveal to him his own." - Benjamin Disraeli

"I think it's true that you achieve that goal with great facility. Even among students with widely varying learning styles. In our experience, you had one student who needs to learn things very tactilely (Mike), and another who is annoyingly analytical (me). In both our cases, we felt that the paddle strokes class was the best kayak instruction we have ever received. To be able to recognize the needs of the individual student and adjust your advice and approach to meet those needs is the hallmark of a superb teacher. This together with your personal kayaking expertise and experience made Kayak Academy well worth the (cross country) trip. J.P. NY

"Thank you for the great course. I have perfected the eskimo roll on right side and almost regular with the left. Your lesson was just the impetus i needed to further explore kayaking." Regards, M.M. Brisbane, Australia

"I started a sea kayaking school over here in Japan, and I Just wanted to thank you again. What you showed me has helped a lot." D.M. Japan

"The tips you gave me about my forward stroke during your 5-Day Training Camp have been *very* helpful. During 8 days of paddling in the Kenai Fjords, Alaska I had virtually no wrist, arm, neck or back pain. (Typically, a hard day of paddling leaves me quite sore.) The handouts are a really valuable resource, too. P.M. Eugene, OR

"The Paddle Strokes & Rescue Techniques course last weekend was phenomenal. Barb and I really enjoyed it and feel like we learned a ton. We would both like to sign up for the Leadership Training & Trip Experience Course this Sept." T.R. Seattle, WA

"Your Leadership Training & Trip Experience course was the best class I've ever taken! I am still raving about the class to anyone who will listen" S.H. Tacoma, WA

"This was the greatest thing I've ever done. I learned so much!" L.P., Summerville, MA

"I pushed through a lot of fear and definitely expanded my comfort zone. What a perfect way to celebrate my 40th birthday!" A.T., Bainbridge Is., WA

"Great course! I wish it wasn't over; I'd like to do it again." H.B., Indianola, WA

"The most fun safety class I've ever taken." D.M., Seattle, WA

"You could charge ten times as much...I learned more in one day with you than in the past five years." M.H., Federal Way, WA

"In two days with you, I learned ten times as much as I did in a previous nine-day kayak lesson [with a nationally known outdoor school]." D.B., Portland OR

"I'd like to buy lessons with you for all my friends." B.R., Burlington, WA

"This is the happiest I've ever been." ML, Bethesda, MD

"Everyone felt safe and you impressed all with your knowledge and experience." J.G., Seattle, WA

"Trainers (college prof's for ex.) have not always met my personal standards...you exceeded them. Your reputation is well deserved. THANK YOU!" T.W., Kirkland, WA

"I shudder to think that I spent three years trying to teach myself before taking your classes." D.S., Blaine, WA

"We really enjoyed your Paddling Strokes & Rescue Techniques course. I never dreamed we would be able to Eskimo roll by the end of the that course." E. & G. R., Redmond, WA

"Taking your course was the best thing I've ever done. You don't charge enough." "I wish I had taken your course ten years earlier." B.B., Bend, OR

"Your Five-Day Training Camp was one of the best classes I've had... in anything." C.H., Bainbridge Is., WA

"What a great instructor you are! We took our double out this weekend and were able to roll it on the first try! Then we did two more in a row. It was really exciting." M. & M. B., Redmond, WA

"Your business is a public service" B.M., Bainbridge Is., WA

"You're making a really important contribution to the safety of kayaking" J.L. Corvallis, OR

"Your endless patience, support, and encouragement are remarkable." J.D., Clinton, WA

If you've read all the way to here, you really should sign up for one of our classes - you won't be disappointed.