Float Bags for Ends of Sea Kayaks

Float Bags for Ends of Sea Kayaks

$ 56.00 USD


Note: All sea kayaks should be equipped with back-up buoyancy (two forms of flotation in both ends). Float bags inside bulkhead compartments create a backup flotation system in case of a hatch leak (implosion in surf, operator error in closing/sealing hatch lid, or hatch rim leak, bulkhead leak, damage/hole in kayak hull, etc.)

These Float Bags are ideal to use under the hatches in front and rear bulkheaded compartments for back-up flotation. However, for the stern of most 16' - 19' sea kayaks without a retractable skeg, our Mariner Stern Float Bag will fit better.

For the aft compartment of sea kayaks with a retractable skeg, use the Medium size in front of the skeg box plus our Skeg Kayak Aft-most Float Bag behind the skeg to complete the flotation for the stern of the kayak (bow flotation is needed too).



  • Small
    • Dimensions: 23" x 26"
    • Used with boats such as WS Tempest 170 and 165, NDK Roamany, Necky Chatham 16 & 17, CD Sisu and Sisu LV
  • Medium
    • Dimensions: 35" x 28"
    • Use with boats such as P&H Scorpio HV or Cetus HV, TideRace Exceed X, CD Prana and Prana LV
  • Large
    • Dimensions: 44" x 26"
    • Used in the stern hatch of tandem sit-inside sea kayaks

Made of Vinyl

Color: Silver