Kajak Sport Skeg Cable Assembly

Kajak Sport Skeg Cable Assembly

$ 65.00 USD

Kajak Sport (AKA Kayak Sport) makes several skeg systems and they are the supplier of skeg parts for many top brands of sea kayaks. For steel wire cable style skegs, Kajak Sport sells the cable and skeg blade pre-assembled as a unit with the cable molded into the plastic blade and not designed to be removable (although with a heat gun it is sometimes possible to replace just the cable).

To install a skeg cable, the ends must be cut cleanly and square. In order to cut the skeg cable yourself, you will need a cable cutting tool designed for cutting stainless steel cable up to at least 1/8" diameter (3mm). Such tools are often called "aircraft cable cutters". Wire cutters, Lineman's pliers, etc. will not work for this type of cable (we've tried). Even to work just one time the cutting tool must be rated for cutting stainless steel cable (ones that are rated thus will say so on the packaging). The cable cutters that work typically cost $50-$70 and are a hard to find (try bike shops, marine hardware stores or if you can find a really good old fashion hardware store). We've heard of people using abrasive cut-off wheels on a Dremel Tool to cut through the stainless steel cable but we can't vouch for it. Tip: It's optional but after cutting the cable we sand the end round so it is easy to feed through the skeg system (sand in one direction only -- the direction that would tighten the twist in the cable so you don't fray the cable). We use a belt sander with a 150grit belt for this but it can be done by hand with a sanding block or a drum sander on a Dremel Tool. If you feel the cable stop while feeding it through the skeg system turn the cable in the direction that tightens the twist in the cable while gently pushing it in.

After removing your old skeg blade, match it up with the photos to find the correct style. As a rough guide we offer the following fit list, but sometimes things change depending on what year your kayak was built.

Pro Cable: TideRace Kayaks Xceed 2018- mid-2019, Greenland kayak models by Tahe Marine/Zegul,

Center Cable: TideRace Kayaks (except Xceed 2018- mid-2019), TideRace Xceed late 2019 - current year, Tahe Marine/Zegul Kayaks (except Greenland models), Rebel Kayaks

End Cable: KajakSport Kayaks, WS Tempest Pro 2013-2015 only (fiberglass only), Hurricane Tracer uses this blade and cable but the blade requires grinding to match original blade