Kajak Sport Round Rubber Hatch Cover (3 Sizes)

Kajak Sport Round Rubber Hatch Cover (3 Sizes)

$ 32.00 USD

Kayak-Sport original hatch cover series is made of real rubber. 100 % watertight hatch cover solution is created for the most demanding "expedition" use, when the cover is used in aberrant conditions and when the maximum reliability is essential.

Kayak brands that use Kajak-Sport hatches include: P&H, TideRace, CD, Eddyline, NDK (except the day hatch which uses a Valley cover), Tahe, Rebel, Zegul, Rockpool, and late model fiberglass WS Tempests.

The Round Original Rubber series hatch covers are available in these same sizes plus one additional size: 10cm

Typical uses by size:

15cm "Fourth Hatch" (front day hatch in front of cockpit)
SN: 301310 *in stock*

20cm "Day Hatch" (behind cockpit)
SN: 301510 * in stock*

24cm Bow Hatch (and rear hatch on kayaks that don't have an oval rear hatch)
SN: 301710 * 1 in stock*