$ 42.00 USD

Send your Kokatat brand dry suit, dry pants or bibs to K.A. for fast, professional ankle gasket repair. We will install factory original Kokatat brand gaskets on your KOKATAT brand dry wear that came with latex seals or latex dry socks. For gasket replacement on all other brands of watersport dry-wear, go back to "Dry Suits/Gaskets" and select the type of gasket service you need (i.e. "Ankle" or "Latex Dry-sock") from the item that begins with "Gasket Replacement Service Non-Kokatat....".

Use this item to arrange to have K.A. replace your worn out, cracked, gummy or torn ankle gaskets with Kokatat gaskets/socks. We'll inspect all your gaskets and contact you if we feel it is time to replace other gaskets that are getting old. For neck and wrist gasket replacement, go back to "Dry Suits/Gaskets" and select the type of gasket service you need (i.e. "neck" or "wrist") from the item that begins with "Gasket Replacement Service KOKATAT....".

We will complete the repair by the third business day (M-F) after your garment arrives, and we'll put it into shipping the first business day after service is completed. You can expedite the return shipping for this order with our UPS 3-Day Shipping Option at check-out as well as by sending it to us with expedited shipping. The shipping you pay for at our check out is for us to return your item to you after servicing it.

Select the "Quantity" of gaskets you want us to replace and click "Add to cart". If you order only one ankle replacement, please indicate which side you want replaced (Left or Right) in the "Comments" box at check out. If you want both ankles replaced, simply set the "Quantity" to "2". Note: If you combine other items with this order, we will hold all items for shipment together with your dry suit/pants after it has been serviced. To have other items shipped separately, place a separate order for your repairs. To add more repair items to your cart (i.e. if you want the neck and wrist(s) replaced too), click "Add to cart" for this item and then click "Continue Shopping" to return to the "Dry Suits/Gaskets" page, and add the rest of the repair items to your cart before checking out.

We do not replace fabric dry socks, only latex rubber dry-socks. We can make arrangements for the Kokatat factory to have waterproof/breathable fabric dry socks replaced or retro-fitted to your suit (assuming it is a Kokatat brand GoreTex dry suit), but you must call us for that work. However, we can install latex dry socks on suits that had ankle gaskets or we can install ankle gaskets in place of latex socks.

If you ship more than one item to us in the same box, attach a note to each item specifying which type and size gasket(s) you want installed on each article as well as which side you want replaced (left, right, or both sides). Be sure to adjust the quantity above to account for total quantity to install on each item or make separate entries in your Shopping Cart for each suit. After finalizing your purchase:

PRINT Order Confirmation and ship with repair items.

PACK your clean item(s) with your Return Address.  An additional $25.00 cleaning fee will be added to your repair service for dirty garments shipped. See FAQ


Kayak Academy-Repairs
11801 188th Ave.
Issaquah, WA 98027

Note: Kokatat ankle gaskets are only available in one size (we call it "M"). Even our non-Kokatat ankle gaskets only come in one adult size which fits about the same as Kokatat's. Our non-Kokatat ankle gaskets are also available in a "Youth size", but even most children are big enough to wear Kokatat's one size ankle. If you need an ankle gasket that is smaller than Kokatat's, you can have us install our Universal Youth size ankle gaskets on your Kokatat product, go back to "Dry Suits/Gaskets" and select the type of gasket service you need (i.e. "Ankle") from the item that begins with "GASKET REPLACEMENT SERVICE, Non-Kokatat....".

Most newer Kokatat drywear comes with waterproof/breathable fabric dry socks, only older Kokatat gear would come with latex socks, and if you own an older Kokatat GoreTex dry suit with latex dry socks or ankle gaskets, we recommend having Kokatat retro-fit it with GoreTex Dry Socks (call us to arrange this). 

Please wash your dry suit before sending it to us. Dirty and/or smelly items will be charged a $25.00 cleaning fee and add three days to schedule or be returned without service at the owner's expense. For front loading washers use a small amount of liquid detergent, gentle cycle, cold wash setting, double rinse and hang to dry. If you can't use a front loading washing machine, we recommend hand washing dry suit in a tub.