Gore-Tex Storm Cag made by Kokatat for Kayak Academy

Gore-Tex Storm Cag made by Kokatat for Kayak Academy

$ 379.00 USD

Brief Description

This wonderful piece of gear used to be Kokatat's best Cag, so when they quit making it we started custom ordering them. And they used to only come in one color (orange), now we stock them in two colors. Only available at K.A.

Kokatat Gore-Tex® Storm Cag is the best kayaking Cag (Cagoule). Kokatat stopped making it a couple of years ago, but we got them to make a special run in one of their newest colors. 

Use it as an extra layer over your drysuit at lunch or camp. Use it as an emergency spray skirt if someone forgets theirs or looses one. Wear it as your raincoat at camp. If you or someone in your group gets cold while paddling, you can pull the Storm Cag on over your PFD and all.

Full coverage from head to cockpit. Kokatat designed their Storm Cag to be over-sized so you can pull it on over top of everything, even over your PFD. On nice days when you don't think you'll need to wear a dry top etc., bring the Kokatat Storm Cagoule along in case the weather turns or a chilly breeze picks up. The Kokatat Cag is roomy enough for anyone to wear which makes it an excellent piece of emergency group gear for trip leaders to carry in case someone else gets chilled. The bottom hem of the Kokatat Storm Cag has a shock cord so you can attach the Storm Cag to your cockpit as an emergency spray skirt if someone forgets theirs.

Detailed Description

You think you'll only use the Kokatat Storm Cag in an emergency, but once you own one you'll start wearing it at lunch stops and camp. Even though the Kokatat Storm Cag is designed to fit big guys, we see a lot of small women walking around onshore wearing their Kokatat Cag to stay warm. The size and cut of the Storm Cag make it extremely easy to pull on, and once it's on, you'll find it so comfortable you'll end up wearing it whenever there's a breeze or shower. Infield tests we've found that even though the Storm Cag isn't insulated, wearing the Kokatat Cag over a dry suit will make you feel warmer - even with dry suits that have their own hood, but more so if your dry suit doesn't have a hood.

The Kokatat GoreTex Storm Cag has: a well designed hood with foam stiffened brim, a fleece-lined hand warmer pocket that is really nice when hanging out at lunch or camp, the front pocket has a hidden pass-through opening that provides access to your PFD pockets and other garments underneath, and there's reflective tape on the sleeves and hood. The Cag's adjustable shock cord fits cockpits from S - L, and the body of the jacket fits over someone wearing XXL PFD and it will fit bigger people if worn under their PFD.

Kokatat also makes a similar Cag out of its Hydrus 2.5 fabric, which is less expensive. For emergency and other occasional use where durability isn't a big factor, we suggest the Hydrus 2.5 Storm Cag, but for those who will be using it a lot and/or wearing it on an expedition, get the GoreTex Storm CAG -- it truly is the best kayaking cag made.


Made of Gore-Tex PacLite®

One Size: Over-sized to wear over PFD or not but only one size