Suspenz Stowable Kayak SK Airless Cart

Suspenz Stowable Kayak SK Airless Cart

Suspenz Stowable Kayak SK Airless Cart

$ 114.95 USD

Suspenz Stowable Kayak SK Airless Cart is one of the smallest center carts ever made and our most compact sea kayak cart. If you plan to take your cart with you while paddling this is the easiest one to store inside the hatches. It has tires that are 8.75" dia. x 1.75" wide (at the tread) Airless Wheels that fit inside most bow or stern hatches (Suspenz calls them 7" wheels on the box and their website specs say 8" but they measure as about 8.75" diameter in real life), and the frame can be stowed in your rear hatch or strapped on the rear deck. The frame folds flat and like most kayak carts the wheels come off by pulling the ring on the keeper pins at the ends of the axles (no tools required); just be careful not to loose the axle pins. Tip: After removing the wheels it's best to reinsert the pins in the axles for storage. This cart can handle most one-person sea kayaks w/o gear. Its No-Flat Foam Filled Tires roll well over pavement, dirt, grass and some gravel (but not loose sand). 

The cart has a kickstand to ease getting started and comes complete with cam straps to tie your kayak to the cart. Best of all Suspenz cam straps have loops sewn into the ends to make it easy to attach them to the cart's frame in a way that secures the kayak to prevent load shifting. Suspenz's unique strap system combined with the frame's 1.5" deep "Slight-V" keep the kayak from rocking and shifting (misaligned).

With center carts like this you can pull your kayak like a little wagon with no weight on your arms. Why risk injuring your back when you can let wheels do all the work? 

The downside of this cart is it's small size and light weight. By prioritizing the ease of stowing the cart inside the kayak, the frame is small and light. This limits the weight of the kayak (no-doubles or fishing kayaks) and gear you can put on it. Small framed carts like this increase the risk of the the cart and kayak tipping over while rolling over rough terrain or while placing the kayak on the cart to get started. Also the small tires will not work in sand.

Platform is 9" x 13" w/ 1.5" deep "Slight-V" to keep kayak from rocking and shifting

The manufacturer rates this cart for 100lbs static load.

KA recommends rolling load limit of 75 lbs.