Valley Kayak Skeg Control Knob

Valley Kayak Skeg Control Knob

$ 20.00 USD

Valley kayaks come with one of three styles of skeg knob.

Newer models introduced in 2010 or later (Etain, Gemini, Sirona) whether PE Roto-molded or composite (fiberglass etc.) all use the style knob we call, "2010 And Newer"

Older model composite (fiberglass etc.) Valley Kayaks (e.g. Nordkapp, Aquanaut, Skerray, Avocet, Pintail, Anas Acuta) have the skeg cable encapsulated in a stiffener tube which passes through the skeg knob. These use the style knob we call, "Pre-2010 Composite Kayak"

Older model PE Roto-Molded Valley Kayaks (e.g. Nordkapp, Aquanaut, Skerray, Avocet) have the skeg cable exposed as it passes through the skeg knob and the knob rides on a stainless steel rod which also passed through the knob. These use the style knob we call, "Pre-2010 PE RM Kayak"

The two knobs for older model Valley kayaks ("T"-shaped) look about the same except for the diameter of the larger of the two side holes. In fact the knob for a Pre-2010 PE RM kayak can be converted into a knob for a composite kayak by drilling this hole out to 1/4"

All three styles of knobs use the same size setscrew and it takes a 2.5mm hex (allen) wrench to work the setscrew. Sometimes on older knobs for composite kayak we find the setscrew it came with was too short so it ran out of threads in the knob before securing the skeg cable. If you need a longer setscrew, we recommend a Stainless Steel 5M x mm

The main reason to replace control knob is because you need to replace a bent skeg cable and found that the setscrew in the knob is frozen in place so the knob has to be cut to pieces to get the system apart. We recommend a cut-off tool for this. Dremel makes a tiny cut-off wheel accessory that will do the job but you will likely break a couple of the abrasive disks so be sure to have several disks on hand). A 3" diameter specialty cut-off tool will make this a faster job (15 minutes vs. an hour).

Before assembling, remove the setscrew from the knob and coat it with an anti-seize lube so you'll never have to cut this one off.

When assembling, if your skeg control system has the skeg cable inside a stiffener "Slider Tube", be sure the knob's setscrew is lined up with the hole in the Slider Tube, if you miss this hole you will fracture the Slider Tube. If you hear crunching, STOP and realign the setscrew over the hole. When the set screw hits the steel skeg cable it should feel solid and not make much noise.