Valley Roto-Molded PE Kayak Thigh Braces

Valley Roto-Molded PE Kayak Thigh Braces

$ 60.00 USD

Valley offers two types of knee/thigh braces for their roto-molded PE kayaks that came with rubber thigh braces (PE Aquanaut RM, PE Avocet RM, PE Nordkapp RM). The Standard model is good for beginners and anyone still nervous about getting out of the kayak after a capsize. The Extra Positive (AKA Aggressive) model (last two photos) is best for skilled kayakers who want to make rolling, bracing, and edging easier.

Extra Positive were stock on 2011 and later Valley RM boats with rubber thigh braces, but any model PE Valley Roto-molded kayak that came with rubber thigh grips may be retro-fitted with either style. In other words they are interchangeable. The thigh braces are attached to the kayak with two bolts in each. So if your kayak came with the Standard thigh brace you can swap it out for the more aggressive Extra Positive model. The thigh braces have nut plates molded into the rubber. The bolts and recessed washers to mount them are included.

Tip: If it appears the holes in the thigh brace don't line up with the holes in your kayak, you just need to pull on the thigh brace to stretch the rubber until the holes do line up. Attach one end with its mounting bolt but don't tighten all the way, then pull the other end to stretch the thigh brace until the second hole lines up. If needed, tilt the screw so it engages the nut-plate squarely. It is a two person job!

- Suitable for: RM Aquanaut PE, RM Avocet PE, RM Nordkapp PE

- Does NOT fit RM Etain PE, RM Gemini PE, RM Sirona PE