Used Women's Kayaking Dry Suits By Kokatat

Used Women's Kayaking Dry Suits By Kokatat

Intro to Used Dry Suits

Most of the following used dry suits are from our rental fleet. If the suit is a trade-in or consignment suit it will say so. We typically sell our rental dry suits after they have had two-three seasons of use. Before we sell our rental drysuits we fill them with water and pressure test for leaks and patch them. The photos here are of new suits just to give you an idea of the color and features of each model -- these are NOT photos of the actual used suits.

Important- Read the info under the "Pricing and Condition" tab above.

Our rental drysuits are meticulously maintained while in our fleet with washing, water testing, patching, and gasket replacement. Before selling them we use our expertise to evaluate the gasket condition. If a gasket is getting worn out we replace it before selling the suit. So when you buy a used dry suit from us, it will be ready to wear.

There will almost always be some patches on our used dry suits. Our philosophy is: patches are good -- leaks are bad. Most of the patching we do is on the inside of the suit where it doesn't show when wearing the suit, and most patches are mere 1" squares of seam tape (like the suit is built with) to cover pin-holes from thorns or scratches from keys being carried inside the suit.

Pricing and Condition

The price of each suit is displayed when you click on its Suit ID number in the menu on the right, and that number's suit description will be highlighted. Note the picture will show a suit representing the color of the suit but not the used suit.

A Kokatat brand Gore-Tex Front Entry or Gore-Tex Pro Legacy suit with 6 or fewer patches and looking almost new on the outside will typically be $700.00 or more. A Gore-Tex Meridian or Odyssey model suit will be priced at $100.00 - $200 more than a Legacy model suit in the same condition. Suits with custom sizing or other extra features will be priced more than standard suits of the same condition and the suit's description will say what its custom features are.

The price of the suit is correlated to its condition as follows:

> $800 Suit is a little worn and looks almost new, with no external patches and typically less than 6 patches on the inside, gaskets are in nearly new condition

$799 - $700 Suit is in very good condition, with barely any fading, probably worn less than thirty times, typically 3-12 patches on the inside, gaskets in good to new condition, some staining from dirt is normal, especially on light colored fabrics.

$699 - $600 Suit is about halfway through its useful life, expect some fading and stains, typically 12-50 patches on the inside and maybe one or two on the outside, gaskets in good used condition

$599 - $350 Suit still works but has seen its better days. Too many patches to count on the inside and maybe a few on the outside as well. The gaskets will be in good used condition. These suits are best suited for someone who only paddles occasionally or a beginner who isn't sure if paddle sports is their thing, or if you want a loaner suit for taking friends and family paddling with you. Also good for a youth who will grow out of it in a year or so. At the upper end of this price range either the suit is in better condition than the above description or it has new gaskets - check the details in its description.

Returns and Warranty

For used dry suits, all sales are final after a 10-day grace period from the date of shipping (for you to confirm the fit and check that the condition of the suit matches its description).

The manufacturer's warranty is for the original owner, so used dry suits do not have a manufacturer's warranty. However, if you buy a used Kokatat Gore-Tex dry suit from the Kayak Academy, K. A. will give the following warranty for one year from your purchase date:

  • If the suit has a defect in the material or workmanship that was not noted at the time of purchase, K. A. will either fix the problem, replace the suit with a similar used dry suit that is in equal or better condition, and without the defect, or if you prefer, K. A. will credit what you paid for the used suit less $200.00 toward the purchase of a new drysuit from K. A. As with the original manufacturer's warranty, K. A.'s warranty does not cover gaskets, zippers, or damage done by the customer. Warranty claims must be returned to K. A. at the owner's expense, and the dry suit must be washed with soap and water and air-dried first. Allow one month for warranty processing.


Women's Small

Women's Medium

Women's Large

Suit ID: 2143
Size: Women's Large
Model: Legacy
Color: Ice top - Gray bottom
Description: Gore-tex Pro Legacy Front Entry Zip with Dropseat, very few patches, gaskets good
Price: $ 750.00 USD

Women's X-Large Short

$ 750.00 USD

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Please fill out the following fields. We will use this info to check that the size ordered is the right size for the intended user. If you are buying mutliple drysuits, you will need to fill out sizing information for each suit.

NOTE: If the sock size on the dry suit doesn't fit your shoe size, contact us at 425-200-0030 or We will help you get a drysuit with the right size socks.